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Here is my Website so far. Please note it is very much work in progress. I am stuck with some sort of "writers block" re what to do with menu structure as well too much info out there etc etc. As it is of a "Philosophical/Spiritual" nature, the aim is not to make money but more, (together with website construction), as some sort of intellectual interest for me, and importantly as a place to help those of us with like minded issues. (maybe with time however, those $ will come rolling in! Ha, ha!
Whilst many posts and sites have good english there is also much content that is too long and/or containing long sections of text that could be reduced. In todays fast paced world where time is at a premium, this is often off putting and discourages the viewer from spending time on site. A rough example (Not from any blog!:) "The dog Rover took a while to bury her bone in the garden. She wanted a safe place to bury the bone so that other dogs would not find it. Rover found a safe secluded part
Just to remind all of you who are first starting your website, the initial .url name cannot be changed. If you're unhappy with it after hours of work, the only way to change is to start all over again! I got caught like this. Initially, after an hour's work on my site I decided on a new name and then found that the only way to have it was to delete site and restart. Then on the 2nd attempt, after going through most of Kyle's Course, I discovered using Jaaxy a better keyword combination name and
June 18, 2014
Finally at (literally!) the 11th hour, (to losing discount:), I've joined however since my decision, the real world work has suddenly picked up, and I'll now be away from PC until about Sunday! I have decided to be philosophical about the erratic nature of my work and fit WA in where I can and do my best but without overdoing things. (Balance is key) My special thanks to my good friend Arthur who introduced me and to Kyle, Carson and others who have given me a glimpse of what appears to be a