Is It Now Possible To Earn Money By Writing?

Last Update: May 21, 2018

Few people take seriously the profession of writer, because of many associates it with volatility in earnings and the need for special talent. And in principle, considering a classic author, the presence of talent is required. But far more important is the presence of zeal.

If you really want to become a writer, then you should immediately realize the complexity of the way ahead. Few of the prominent masters of the word could do without training and the development of his talent. On the contrary, even if you think that the highest forces stingy on your writing talent, in your power to develop all the skills yourself.

What Do You Need For A Successful Career As A Writer?

Frankly speaking, any life experience can be useful but from a technical point of view, the writer cannot be uneducated. He should be fluent in his native language (well, or the one on which he is going to work), and two or three foreign languages.

  • So, where should we go to study for a writer?
  • Do I need special education?

Of course, if you search well, you can already find a number of Universities ready that teach the profession of writer. However, do not take them seriously.

It is better to pay attention to linguistic specialties. Also, a great choice is the faculty of journalism – you, again, perfectly master a huge number of writing techniques, but also get the opportunity to practice constantly, making money on it. And, of course, get such an important experience in dealing with a variety of people, will always be at the center of various events and will be able to learn a lot of interesting stories from real life.

Is It Possible To Earn Money By Being A Writer These Days? How Much Do They Earn?

Most of them — almost nothing or, in any case, almost all aspiring authors, 77% of self-published authors and 54% of authors whose books are published by traditional publishers earn less than $1000 per year.

What should you keep in mind? Writers, which the authors of the study 2014 Digital Book World and Writer's Digest Author Survey called “hybrid”, live better. That means successfully practicing interaction with traditional publishers, and succeed as publishers of themselves. Among them, only 44% earn less than the cherished 1000 dollars.

That is, only 5% of writers working with ordinary publishers and 13% of "mixed" authors get above the subsistence minimum. Is it even possible to make more? Indeed, high income — more than $ 100,000 a year receive only 0.7% of self-publishing authors, 1.3% of "ordinary" authors and 5.7% of "mixed".

It is regrettable, but it turns out that the right to criticize a traditional model of copyright: a vast majority of writers write books not to make money, but because they cannot stop writing, and, of course, because they want their books to be read.

The answer to this question will not be clear – on one hand, professional education in this matter will not be a disadvantage and there are enough places to study.

Philological faculties of different universities are glad to explain to their students the wisdom of verbal creativity. And it's great if professors will be people who understand the laws of the genre.

On the other hand, in the large literature of the high percentage of “quack” – Chekhov had a medical education, Marques at the insistence of his parents studied law. And there is nothing to prevent a genuine talent to break through in great literature.

Writer's Education

Therefore, the young man entering the literary path must clearly realize that here, as nowhere else, getting a specialty does not guarantee its practical application or creative success. And in the case of “lost illusions” will not prevent a spare profession.

  • How to make money on literary talent

Not all authors deal with fiction. Today you can find publicist essays, cultural, ethnographic and historical research, and various articles ("how to choose the best University? “Where to go on vacation?") on the book market but even this does not exhaust the scope of literary abilities.

Let's take a closer look at all options.

  • Creation of literary works is a classic purpose of any writer;
  • Writing plays for theater, film scripts, games, quests. A latter can be found on freelance exchanges. Most often, it will be a temporary project;
  • Journalism: This is not a lot of every future writer, but you can use your gift to earn and accumulate the desired experience;
  • Copywriting. Creating articles is a great training of abilities. It’s something like shaping your skills in writing “write my speech for me” for people who need that from you. Limitations in the characters hone phrases, deadlines shape perseverance, and a “forced” penetration into the subject further can encourage a copywriter to write books;
  • Writing custom poems. Popular as greetings for family holidays.
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Hi Jeff! Remember me?! Great message to the community, as well as fellow authors. I have 3 children's books published and have my 4th in production, as well as a few other inspirationals. Your article hits home and is so in tune with today's world! I gained a lot of insight from YOUR writing and found it very intriguing. Thanks for a great blog post and resource!