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November 24, 2015
Hi everyone, I created a Facebook-Page for my website I wanted to ask you, if you could help me out and share my FB-Fanpage ( you want me to share your site too let me know!
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October 25, 2015
Hey guys, i started a Facebook-Fanpage and I need your help to get some likes! I would appreciate if you guys like and share my facebook-page. If you want, you can leave your facebook-page in the comments, and I will do the same.We are a big community here and I think together we can reach more :)
October 15, 2015
Hi everyone,i created the website 2 months ago. I have to say at the beginning I did invest much time but then it got less and less. The last days I looked on Google Analytics and Adsense and saw that even if I did nothing some Users came to my site. I wanted to share with you this experience and ask you if you have some tips for my website and how you like it? Thank you!
Hi everyone,I think I am making a good progress with my Website ( Sure I don't have much content yet but it will get more everyday. So I wanted to ask something about the Site Health displayed in the Site Manager. Can I do something to increase my Site Trust or it just needs time?Thank you and wish you all a successful day!
Well it's about the progress on my site i made. I wrote some content and wanted now to share it with you and ask for some comments/opinions. I am working through the courses and it really helps to do the right things in the right moment. I write about movies, check it out:
August 07, 2015
It's my first week on Wealthy Affiliate, but i am very impressed! I am sure that with the help that you get here i will be able to create my own online business. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the community, i really like this place.Thank you for creating this site!
August 05, 2015
Hi everyone out there,i created my first site and wanted to know you're opinion.I want to write about movies, short reviews, so that people know if they should watch a movie or not.Later maybe I will add a list with "must have seen movies" or things like that...Would be really nice if you could take a look at this site: you for the help!