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To get quality traffic and enough traffic sure is one of the most important and difficult things in online marketing. Quality over quantity... Sure, you need the RIGHT traffic that will buy stuff too in order that you can earn some money. Better 10 people that come to your website and are searching for something specific they want to buy then 100 people that come occasionally to your site. The conversion will be much higher with the 10 interested people.How to get high quality traffic?That's th
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 03, 2015, so I am a proud member of WA for nearly a year now... and you know what? I don't regret it.Why I am writing this post: I want to motivate you guys and I want to motivate myself ;)What have I done in this year? Since I work full time and study part time, there is not always much time left to invest in the own online business. So far I created some websites... my main website is which started with my passion about movies. I started
Hi there, just so you know, I am not complaining. I currently work as an ERP consultant and developer and there is much to do at the moment, so I said, I will work on Sunday to get things going a bit faster.Honestly my job isn't bad, there are nice people, my job isn't boring... I like my job ... BUT if I look in the future and I would stay in this job, maybe I would earn really good money one day and I would get more responsibilities and a good position in management. You know what? No, I don'
June 01, 2016
Yesterday you said tomorrow! Just do it!If you want to reach your dreams you have to WORK towards them and don't just PLAN how to reach them. I have to say that sometimes I act to fast and don't plan enough, BUT that brings me further than just planning.So if you have a dream (for example to build your own online business in order to leave your current job), than work towards it and don't stop until you reach it.Try many different paths on the way to your dream and you'll find many things on th
April 19, 2016
Hi there, I created my first 3 tutorials and I know want to write some more! So I thought I would just ask you, what do you need help with or more detailed information? Let me know and I will create a training for that!
April 18, 2016
Hi everyone,just wanted to share another step I made and why. Maybe it's something you have thought about too.I had some AdSense advertisement on my site (in the header and in posts), but let's be honest: everyone hates this ads or has an adblocker. It makes your site and posts look more ugly... and well about the money: did you make a lot of money with AdSense? I didn't and the most don't. You really need lots of traffic to get a good income from AdSense.I decided to delete AdSense from my sit
Hi there... in the last few days I started being more active again on WA... I sometimes forget how powerful this community can be.Today I jumped from rank 1250 to 952... sry I lied to you... I jumped up only 298 positions...But that's not what this post is about, it's about helping each other! In the last days I started more communicating with people here on WA and created some tutorials (and won't be the last)Okay, I'll come to the point...If you know something or you experienced something tha
April 11, 2016
Hi there, just wanted to share with you something that I noticed. On my website I have an article about the movie troy, which ranks on google on page 2. It isn't that fascinating, but I get frequent traffic from google with this article. All other posts are on page 3 or less. So I analyzed the post about the movie troy:- I always target one keyword in an article and use it in the header... and so on- I link out to a relevant site (in this case wikipedia)- I put a video on the
January 12, 2016
Today I asked the community if they got any ideas or improvements for my site ( and I really got good advices. For example to build up a community (a forum) for people interested in movies, so they can discuss on my site.. and many other tips.So I wanted to thank you guys and whish you the best of luck!
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November 24, 2015
Hi everyone!Has someone a website about movies? I wanted to ask if somebody would let me write a guest post (for getting backlinks). You could do the same on my Blog!