30-day-challenge to increase Google traffic

Last Update: July 06, 2016
To get quality traffic and enough traffic sure is one of the most important and difficult things in online marketing. Quality over quantity... Sure, you need the RIGHT traffic that will buy stuff too in order that you can earn some money. Better 10 people that come to your website and are searching for something specific they want to buy then 100 people that come occasionally to your site. The conversion will be much higher with the 10 interested people.

How to get high quality traffic?

That's the question right? In my experience there are two possibilities -> paid and not paid.

Paid traffic -> Paid traffic can be really powerful and there are possibilities where you don't have to spend much! But be aware that there are many crappy sellers out there that promise you traffic of 10.000 for $5 ... stay away from them. What I tried are Solo Ads to build an email list. I bought a package I think for 100 clicks about $50... I don't exactly remember, but the cool thing is, about half of this traffic signed up to my email list. Targeted traffic > high traffic. I also tried paid ads on Facebook. You can literally start by investing $5. So the cool thing about Facebook is, that you can define your target group yourself.... I will create a training about this two paid ads forms...

I don't want to pay for traffic

Now to the part why I'm writing this blog. Many of us here on Wealthy Affiliate start out here and don't have much money to invest... We want to build a site where we don't have to constantly pay for traffic... So how's that possible to get free targeted and with time increasing traffic? Search engines (Google). We want that people find us on Google and come to our site, that's the best targeted traffic you can get for free.

The power of SEO

So if you want to be ranked in search engines you have to create high quality and regularly content! If you want to optimize your content for search engines, I created a training for that -> https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/on-page-s...

The challenge to increase Google traffic

Well, now to the challenge...

If you want you can participate with me ;) My challenge is to create every day some fresh quality content on my site movie-reviewz.com

Why? More content -> more authority -> more and higher rankings -> more traffic -> more sales

It's that easy :)

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MPollock Premium
Great post thanks and everybody keep pushing on high quality blogs, daily if needed.
Takatomo Premium
Regularly updated content. Looking good!
Sirio Premium
Let's see what happens!
Bea40 Premium
Me too :0)
Sirio Premium
Let's go ;)
Loubelle Premium
Great idea. All the best
Sirio Premium
Thanks, I will create a blogpost after the 30 days about how the results are ;)
claudiob Premium
You're on, I accept the challenge, let's do this!
Sirio Premium
I need a bit of a boost on my site so I did some research again, but really... Everywhere you read the same: content
So, let's do this and see the results ;)

Cool thing that you participate, would be cool if you blog about it and challenge other people too!