You Know You're a Blogger When. . .

Last Update: December 12, 2016

As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we're part of a community that has our own list of habits and behaviours which can seem a tad strange to our non-blogging family and friends.

In researching a post I found some funny "You know you're a blogger.." and I thought some of you would appreciate it!

Add your own below!

  • People ask you about your day and you respond with your page views, comments, likes and number of email subscribers
  • You're tempted to ask "Don't you read my blog?" when someone asks you how you've been
  • Post its are always in stock at home. And all over your walls...
  • You randomly pull out a pen mid-conversation to write down a great post idea.
  • Your family knows you as ‘the blogger’ but still doesn’t really ‘get’ what you do
  • People often nervously ask you, “You’re not going to blog about this, are you?"

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Thanks Simon, Mondays need a bit of humour.
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