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As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we're part of a community that has our own list of habits and behaviours which can seem a tad strange to our non-blogging family and friends.In researching a post I found some funny "You know you're a blogger.." and I thought some of you would appreciate it!Add your own below!People ask you about your day and you respond with your page views, comments, likes and number of email subscribersYou're tempted to ask "Don't you read my blog?" when someone asks you
I must warn you: today I'm in preaching mode so watch out! : ) In the last couple of days I have had the privilege of getting some expert feedback on my website. I asked them to be harsh and direct - and man they were! I asked them to give me it straight because I want to continually improve and keep on getting better. But it's totally pointless to ask for help if I don't then take action on what's been said. The point I want to make is this: don't waste your time or anybody else's if you're n
I have read all of the posts here about people making their first sale - well now it's my turn. :) My site is all about church growth and leadership so I really didn't expect my first sale to be a Black & Decker Juicer! I guess that's Amazon for you! Someone clicked on a music album I did a review on and ended up buying a juicer! I couldn't believe it last night - I made $1.20 = £1 only but I have never been so excited! It means it works, it means I'm on the right track and it means