SiteContent: 1st Day Results!

Last Update: June 05, 2017

I don't post here as often as I should (too busy building my online businesses) but I just wanted to give a massive shoutout to Kyle & Carson and the team for your drive and passion to always be innovating and pushing the boundaries for us here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Today I discovered SiteContent and started using it for the first time. If you haven't already read Carson's post here it is:

There's two main reasons I love it so far:

1) It's a distraction free environment that stops me fiddling with images and formatting instead of writing. (A BIG timesaver)

2) You can set publishing goals - you have the option of setting number of posts of number of words. I love this! It really pushes you to set content creation goals, vital for any successful blogging strategy.

For great video training on creating a long-term content strategy click below. It will really help you take your business to the next level.

So, my results after using SiteContent for a day?

2 posts written, 4,200 words written with both posts already ranking in 2nd place on Google. This is pre-comments too! (comments pending) :-)

So does SiteContent help your articles rank in Google? No!

So how did I rank so quickly? And why will I be on the top spot for both articles before tomorrow?

Because I followed Jay's SEO checklist he gave out in the live weekly training session a couple of weeks ago!

Here it is, Jay's live class on 21 minute ranking method in 7 steps.

I can not recommend it highly enough - this stuff works!

Here's to setting goals and smashing them.


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mybiz4u Premium
Great job and continued success, Simon.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Aw thanks Michelle, we'll get there! Pushing past my own limits and seeing where it takes me :-)
VanessaN Premium
I like it. It's pretty cool.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Yeah me too, I've definitely been more productive so far! :-)
VanessaN Premium
It seems less distracting as well.
GaryJr Premium
I like it so far too.
I like the ability to set goals. Hopefully, it will keep me on track with my content creation.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Yeah I totlly agree, I think it's great setting publishing goals that will get you into the habit of writing content regularly - the fundamental cornerstone of your business growth!
Ivine Premium
Hi Simon, well done.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Thanks Ivine, have you tried SiteContent yet?