Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners?

Last Update: January 02, 2018

I got an email the other day from a reader asking this question:

"I’m a complete newbie, I don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, I’ve never made a commission and I’ve never even set up a website before.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners and can they show me how to make money online?”

Here's the quick, most straightforward answer - Absolutely 100% yes!


Whether you're looking to add to your pension fund or looking to make an income to help you get through college, Wealthy Affiliate can show you what to do to get results.

Here are my top 5 reasons Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for beginners:

1. It's designed specifically with beginners in mind

Every lesson and course, every live video tutorial, every new business building tool, the ways you can get instant support are all designed with newbies in mind.

I accidentally stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate having fallen for every work from home scam out there. I'd never had a website before, didn't know how the process of making money online worked, never made a penny online.

Every successful affiliate marketer, every internet millionaire started out as a beginner so we’ve all got to start somewhere.

To date, Wealthy Affiliate has helped 217,530+ members start their first online business. Don't you think Wealthy Affiliate could help you too?

Here's one of my favourite saying from Zig Ziglar:

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

2. No previous experience necessary

I don't want to sound like a cliche here but all you really need to be successful online is the right training, support and tools (Thanks WA!), an internet connection and a computer. Add to that a strong work ethic and eagerness to learn and there's no limit to your earning potential.

And any knowledge you have in the offline world can be leveraged to make you very successful and profitable online.

All the skills and knowledge you need can be learned here.

3. Follow the Wealthy Affiliate training and you WILL get results

I've seen members here go from $0 to $5,000 a month in less than 18 months. Yes they 2-3 new posts on their website every day relentlessly for months bfore they see results, because they know it's only a matter of time until breakthrough comes.

Post once a week and it could take you 3-4 years, it's all about working out how much time you can put into this and remember: with practice you'll get better and more efficient.

Here's some Wealthy Affiliate success stories a fellow member put together:

I made my first sale on day 10, hit the $1,000 per month mark at year 1, hit $6,000 per month at year 3. It all comes down to how much you want it and how stubbornly you work towards it.

4. You can start earning online with very little financial investment

Doing research the other day I learned that launching a new McDonald's franchise will cost you anywhere between $963,000 to $2,169,080 for equipment and pre-opening costs, plus an inital $45,000 fee paid to McDonald's for the privilege!

Unless you have that money laying around and a burning desire to get into the burger business then I'd say online is the way to go.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free and if you decide to go all in, the premium membership which includes websites, hosting, training, research tools and support will only take an investment of $1.58 per day (not taking into account the yearly Wealthy Affiliate discount)

Any way you look at this, it's the wise man's way to become an entrepreneur - hands down!

5. The whole Wealthy Affiliate community is cheering you on

Ever heard the saying "It takes a whole village to raise a child"? We could change that and say it takes a whole community to turn you from a beginner to a professional online entrepreneur.

We say it all the time, but one of the best aspects of being part of a bustling community like this one is you get to glean from the years of experience and expert knowledge of others and use that to give you a head start.

Some members here have been making money online successfully since before 2005, and more importantly, they're here to help you get to where you want to be.

So whether you're a Starter or Premium member - make sure you make the most of the questions and answer areas, live chat and private messaging. If at any point you're ever feeling frustrated or clueless - reach out and get the help you need to keep moving forward.

What do you think? Were you a complete beginner when you started here at Wealthy Affiliate and how did it help you get closer to your online income goals?

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