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I have been out cleaning my girl friend's daughters place. she was moving to a new place and after work I would just go straight and help out. It was mother's day yesterday and my girlfriend went there early to clean again. I went to church then my sons took me out for lunch and then went straight to help her out. It's like we spent Mother's day cleaning. this was a wonderful present for She brought me a flower and I bought some lunch for her. We actually had a good celebratio
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May 02, 2014
Hi everyone! I have been out from WA for a while not very active after a month. After work I would just come home, check my WA emails and reply to them if I need to and that's it. I just lose patience. Having trouble with my membership fee through my bank and that got me stuck. I had to cancelled my Jaaxy Account membership also but I did rejoined again yesterday!!! I had made a commitment with WA and that's what got me thinking to press on no matter the difficulty is. I decided that I wil
March 03, 2014
Another day of work and having breaks between work is great so I can come home and check what's the latest happening here in WA. Anyway, I'd like to ask this question, have you ever wonder why you smile a lot? I mean for those who smile a lot. Everyone I meet like my clients, friends, strangers, they tell me that I have a great personality. Then those ones that I am closed to asked why I smile a lot. I always say, I have no idea! One day I was having a quiet time and thought of the comments
March 03, 2014
Hi all, I would appreciate your feedback on my site. Thanks.
March 01, 2014
This is not my cuppa tea. Hang on, writing or creating contents? It sent shivers through my spine. Coming across that word creating content, I got out of my chair and walked around the house thinking, I don't need to do this! What am I doing here? I thought. I have seen and heard online about creating content. Nearly everyone that have succeed with creating good contents, bla, bla, bla are making money blogging with great contents. But I was always avoiding that because I don't know how
March 01, 2014
Two and a half weeks now since I joined WA. Working 5 days a week is not easy. By the time I get home I am tired and that feeling of not wanting to do anything. But as a mother, I need to prepare dinner, washed up dishes and by the time I finish, it's bed time. I now realized if I want to be great in my online business I needed to start somewhere. After a week of joining WA I decided to rearrange myself to fit in a couple of hours after work to start doing some of the training courses. I al
February 12, 2014
About just over 10 years ago around 2003 I just connect my internet and at that time I didn't know anything about making money online. I was surprise to see all these pop up messages..mind you all I didn't have a clue about internet security and so forth. I was clicking on this pop up messages and started seeing all these business opportunities lol! I got right into it. I have four children two girls and two boys at that time they were in primary school. I thought I'd found a goldmine onli