The Minority Who Are About to Miss The Train

Last Update: December 02, 2019

I doubt many will deliberately let this Black Friday deal slip away.

Whatever your circumstances may be, only you know what is holding you back. So don't feel pressured to do something you are unable to do. When you feel compelled, your mood changes and your performance get affected somehow. In our WA case, some may get discouraged and end up quitting.

Do you feel pressured by these Black Friday posts within our platform?

The bright side:

Think of the things you would do when you miss the bus? Would you sit at the station and beat yourself up? Or would you hope to catch the next one as you continue to walk? When you feel distracted by the noise of the cars passing by, you put your headphones and play some music!.

Words of comfort:

Being here at Wealthy Affiliate is already a sign that you want to change your circumstances. Embrace and enjoy the experience; at least you are progressing. If you miss this lucrative offer, make it a lesson for next time and be prepared.

Best wishes, everyone :)

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David960 Premium
Everyone has different circumstances, choose for yourself. But what a blessing for Kyle and company to have this Special price, $60 off the annual membership.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I love your encouraging words!!🎉💜
JMatonge1 Premium
Thank you very much for your encouragement.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Sipheni!

RAFStuart Premium
If like me you have a way to go on your annual sub, then you are not any better off, but I am very pleased for those that are.

Sie3 Premium
Hi Stuart
Thanks for stopping by.
If I understood correctly, they pro-rata these fees if you take the offer while you still have some months to go, pls, correct me if I'm wrong.
David960 Premium
I understand not wanting to pay more than you already have. Think about down the road, you lock in the $299 annual membership for as long as you are here.

Last year I was on monthly, my payment was pro-rated.