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I am married with 2 sons and hope to make a better future for them. I am from South Africa and have tried a lot of online marketing products. I am hopeful that I have found one that actually works.
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DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya' for the follow Sibusiso, sure do appreciate it!
judebanks Premium
Thanks for adding me to your network, Sibusiso. So nice to meet you! I look forward to connecting with you at WA. If you need anything, I'm always glad to help. ~ Jude
Trialynn Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. If you follow the lessons, ask questions and apply yourself, I am sure you will have great success! Feel free to take a look at my blogs, I have information for beginners and more advanced students. Let the community know if we can help! Tria
TerryAsh Premium
Thanks for the follow. Best wishes in realising your online business through WAU.
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Hi, thanks for the follow.

Newbie or not, I have 20 plus years plus experience in this industry, so please shout if you need any help.

I still highly recommend this site too!

Please also read and "like" my blogs, (also top of each post Facebook), for my insights, tips and tricks!
Go for gold!

My blog for today is: Q and A with OldMule: Not showing up properly in Google ...!
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thank you for the follow, I wish you well, and I am following you and your progress- best wishes, Andy
Wayne Wallace Premium
Thank you for following me. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you much success here on your Wealthy Affiliate journey! If you need any help be sure to reach out and ask I'm here to help. We are all dedicated to helping each other here.

If you'd like to read my Wealthy Affiliate Diary it's here
jespinola Premium
Hey Sibusiso! Welcome to WA. My name is Jorge and any question let us know. :)
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thank you for the follow. Best of luck to you!
hwdirect Premium
Hi Sibu,
Thanks for following me. You will find all you need here but feel free to ask me for help if you need it, happy to help and following you too.
daniel44 Premium
Thanks for the follow.. All the best.
Stephanie33 Premium
Hi Sibu,
Thanks for the follow, I'm following you too.
Just follow the lessons and you'll be amazed at your achievements in a very short time. Ask for help when you need it and give it when you can.
All the best,
nking12 Premium
Thanks for the follow, best of luck to you! If you need any help driving traffic to your site give me a shout :)
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
M W Mihalicz Premium
Hi Sibusiso, please to meet you. Thanks for following and all the best here at WA. There is indeed plenty of training and experienced people here to help get your business going. I'll see you around the WA community.

stewarts03 Premium
Thank you for the follow back! Best wishes to you!
MikeGue323 Premium
Hi, Sibu3005.-Welcome to WA. I just joined on Oct 22, 2013 and have completed all the training and found it the best I have seen and/or paid for elsewhere. I would venture to say that the training, before you go on into Premium and other things is going to be very good to you.
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Thanks so much for the follow. I wish you all the best as you start this incredible journey here at WA! It's well worth it!

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Thanks for following me back Sibusiso, hope you will have a nice time here in WA.

giludi Premium
Thanks for following and welcome at WA. If you need any help or have a question, you can contact me. Have a nice day.
sibu3005 Premium
thanks Giludi
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Thanks for the follow
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Thanks for the follow, I'll do likewise.
alsims747 Premium
Hi Sibu3005 and welcome to WA. I wish you success and think you will find the WA community very helpful and not like anything else you have tried before.
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Sibusiso for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
nosafk Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow
Vince OMWV Premium
Hey, glad to see you have made the effort to setup a profile and everything else.

I hope you are enjoying your experience here at WA. It's one of the few places that actually teaches you how to make a living online and build a successful Internet business the REAL way. I'm still shocked at all the resources such as training, lessons, keyword searches, and amazing support and community. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Best Regards!
Carson Premium
Hey Sibusiso!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate :)

Today I wanted to stop by and welcome you to our Community for Internet Entrepreneurs! In the coming days you are going to work through our getting started training that will teach you about the potential of Internet marketing. You will be able to get started right away and begin building your online business.

A few pointers as you get started are to ask lots of questions, and familiarize yourself with what is offered at WA. Our services are vast, and you now have everything that you need at your fingertips. Here is a link to the "Getting Started" course:


I look forward to working with you soon, I will be here to help at each step of the way :)

Vince OMWV Premium
Hello and welcome Sibusiso! Glad you made it here to Wealthy Affiliate.

My name is Vince and congrats on getting your starter membership going!!

Before you start learning how to generate income, it's a good idea to do a few things first. Please follow the following instructions:

1) ===YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY, RIGHT?=== The next step would be learning how to do so by clicking on that big green button that says "Get Started Here". This will take you to the Certification Course Level 1 training. Please make sure you watch Lesson 1 to get max benefits!!!

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Take a few moments, and do that.

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The only catch is, you've got to join Premium in 7 days though. Don't worry. I call this my "action-takers bonus". I am 100% confident you will be glad you did ;)

Anyways, I thought I'd introduce myself and I am glad to have you here as a part of the WA community. If you have any questions getting started, don't be afraid to contact me. I'm here to help YOU!!!

Let's Do This!!