I've Earned 100 Dollars With Amazon Associates Program Since July!

Last Update: Sep 15, 2020

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100+ Dollars In Commissions!

It may not seem like much, but considering I just started really earning with Amazon since July of this year I feel like I am really making progress. I understand how affiliate marketing works now and that is such a relief. To see is to believe!

What's The Key To Earning Consistently?

Content creation undoubtedly. Good SEO optimized content that is relevant to your audience is definitely a must have. Once I finally realized what my audience cared about or at least got some sort of idea, I was able to make better affiliate marketing decisions. That, along with the training here at WA I have been able to boost my sales and they have been growing higher each month.

I'll Keep You Posted!

I am sure I will have some ups and downs, but for now I am enjoying the ups! I hope to keep increasing my revenue until I reach my goal of 2500 per month. With Amazon and a few other projects I am working on I hope to reach my goal!

All the best,

- Shyla

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Hi Shyla, that is fantastic news. We have joined WA in August of this year and today we just signed up for Amazon Associates program and are working on our first niche relevant post with som affiliate links. I hope we don't make a ton of mistakes like we usually do, so any adive you can give us in regards to the Amazon program would be of great help!

Congratulations! Great accomplishment!

Thank you!

You should be very proud of your achievements, Shyla!

Congratulations and well done.
I wish you much more success.


Thank you!

You are welcome, Shyla.


Thank you!

Congratulations keep up the great work


You are very welcome

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