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Last Update: July 15, 2019

I'm in LA for over 30 years. In American for a College or Universty student, we need to take the English 101 & 102 - this one is to write an Assay weekly. To be a nurse, after we did something for a paitence, we need to write down Paragraphs as the papers to get pay.

When I start working as a nurse, I have being arrange flowers on friday weekly for over 7 years totally in 3 branch Tamples in LA for CTTB. I also have training and practice in 10 years for Japenese stile (Sire fan Lur). Because we (include nuns) need to take terms. So I need changed to be a cook for Vegitable food on sunday weekly.

I completed the academic work in "Shih Chien University", previously known as "Shih Chien Junior College - 3 Years" of Home Economics in Taiwan. That I learned the (1) Culinary arts 1-2 include theory , food processing, Nutrition. - Cook for vegi only. (2) Child Care, Child Development & Care. - as a teacher (me) for 4-6 years old. (3) Sewing 1-2, Dress Design - Before I move to USA, 2nd time, in Taiwan I worked and learned the Dress Design. When buyer he goes to Europe and bring back the newist Dress magazines. I and Company owner we see with there styles/material/colors....then we design for the next couple year newist clothing, but the Dress all differently and beautiful. Within 10 days we buy over US$3-4 Millions products and within 2 Months

delivery all. The Import so fast.

About Foreclosure, after finish training before in 2014/15.

Because I sicked in 2015, the Coach talked to me in email said

that : "I'm so sorry, I did't let you take that house because the benefit is not enough, so did't let you take it". And said : did you take the social security, I say "yes". Same as WA, teachers alway

like us.

Because I am a Buddhist and had preset for Bodhisattva. So I only

take a meal in lunch and need to finished before 12:00. So I losed

weight, about 32 bls. Before I was 157 Bls, and now it is 125 Bls. I need to gain some weight,

I like this described in the Flower Adornmemt Sutra as below:

You might cousing the vrtuesnt every thought, numerous as atoms in all lands;

You might drink entirely the mighty oceans deep;

You might measure all of space, or harness fast the wind;

But no one could ever finish praising the virtues of the Buddha.

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