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Having the opportunity to work from home - either running your own online business, or working remotely for your employer - can be a real blessing. However, it does require some discipline to actually get the work done. Here are some quick tips on how to stay focused while working from home.Have a Designated Work SpaceHaving some office space or an area set aside specifically for your work at home tasks has a number of benefits. First, it makes it feel like it's real. Secondly, the office shoul
Whether we are just starting out in the affiliate marketing world, or we've been doing it for a short while, many of us don't have much money to play with and that's one of the things that attracted us to, and encouraged us to try our hand at affiliate marketing.How To Do Affiliate Marketing On a Budget?This is a fair enough question. The good news is that affiliate marketing doesn't cost very much at all to get started. Even if you join Wealthy Affiliate here as a free member and never upgrade
After doing a bit of research online, I'm going to list some of the best ways to make money in 2017, according to the general consensus out there in cyber world.Resume WritingI don't know how much money can be earned for writing people's CV's, but resume writing seems to pop up repeatedly. Could be a good little sideline gig for anyone who has a talent for this.Create An Online CourseI'm yet to try this one, but I know many members here at Wealthy Affiliate have created courses that they either
May 22, 2017
We've all heard the saying "You are what you eat". And essentially that's true. What's also just as true is "You are what you think"."Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right"How we think determines everything that happens in our lives to some degree. It's true there are circumstances and events that are beyond our control, but there is also so much that is within our control, and it's these facets of life that can go in one direction or the other depending on how w
These days many are aspiring to set up a home office and work from home in one capacity or another. It might be to run a home business, or simply work remotely for their current job. In this post we'll look at 5 reasons why people work from home and why it can be a great idea.#1 - More Time With FamilyThis is possibly one of the most popular reasons people want to be able to work from home. Parents get to spend more time with their children and each other. It also enables the person working fro
In one form or other I've been making money online since around 2004 when I first started using eBay to sell a few items. It was this eBay experience that got me really interested in the online world of business and it was eBay that showed me it was possible to make money from the internet. Before that it seemed like some sort of magical process to me to be able to receive money - somehow - from an online source.Over the years I dabbled in a few other things online that didn't really pan out. O
We all need encouragement and support, and that is one of the great things of being a member of this group here at Wealthy Affiliate. Whether we are just starting out in our online business journey or are seasoned professionals, along the way we all face challenges that could either make or break us when it comes to success.On WA everyone encourages each other, supports one another and there is a real attitude of helping others achieve success. Ideas are freely expressed and shared, along with
If you've been researching starting an online business and have arrived here at Wealthy Affiliate for the first time, then you may be wondering what is the cost of starting an online business.Well, this largely depends on the kind of business you wish to start online.What I'll cover in this post is roughly what it will cost to get you started building an affiliate marketing business online by following the training offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.Start An Online Business for Next To NothingNo
Most of us are probably aware of terms such as residual income and passive income, but what is passive income about and can it be earned through online sources as well as offline sources?Are Passive Income and Residual Income the Same?They are very similar. Generally, the absolute true definition of a passive income stream is one that required no real work to establish, whereas while a lot of residual income is "passive", there had to be work done in the beginning to create the product that pro
Like anything online, if you search hard enough you will find various people speaking positively and negatively about a particular product. Wealthy Affiliate - as great as it is overall - isn't immune to differences of opinion. There are Wealthy Affiliate complaints out there and in this post I'll list the things people have actually complained about, and why for the most part, these are user issues and not really problems with the WA platform.Wealthy Affiliate Isn't a Get Rich Quick SchemeFor