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One of the biggest success killers actually starts in the mind of those very people hoping for success. While many people think they believe they will be successful, often deep down are feelings of doubt about whether they actually deserve success and its monetary rewards.In order to be really successful in your online business, or any other undertaking, you have to firmly believe that you deserve success!It's an essential element in the overall scheme of things.Ask yourself this question if yo
May 26, 2017
Today I made the Top 100 in the Wealthy Affiliate rankings.What does this mean really?Not much. It just shows I've been quite active on WA in recent times.While there's nothing wrong with aspiring to a high WA member rank, it really shouldn't become a goal or obsession for anyone on here. You won't make a living by ranking high on WA. The ranking is merely a by product of writing blog posts here, asking and answering questions, requesting and receiving sit comments, being active in live chat an
Besides the obvious of adding affiliate offerings to the content within our websites, there are other ways to make money with a website.Let's take a look at a few.Email MarketingGrowing an email list and marketing to it is something that everyone is doing these days, because it's such a direct and powerful sales tool. Emails could be offering free content, special promotions, affiliate offerings or even promoting your own products. Using the traffic that visits your website is one method of gro
That's why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, so I could learn how to earn a living from the internet through another source - affiliate marketing. I assume that's why just about everyone else here on WA joined as well; to learn how to make a fulltime or part-time income online.Sometimes it's hard to believe that we now have global access to over 3 billion internet users. When, in the history of mankind, has there ever been so many vast opportunities as we are presented with now? Before, business coul
I've seen this question asked - How many affiliate programs can I join?The answer is, as many as you like.But is that really a good idea?One of the pros of joining a lot of affiliate programs is that you have heaps of different products to promote within your chosen niche. Having a lot of choice is great, and being able to recommend all sorts of products to your readers may seem a cool idea at the time, but this definitely has its downsides.Too Much To Keep Track OfThe more affiliate programs y
Although Pat Flynn, the owner of the "Smart Passive Income" website, has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate, I do like looking over his website from time to time.For those who don't know, Pat Flynn is highly successful in the world of affiliate marketing. He does spend a lot on paid advertising, but what I really like about him and his website is his transparency when it comes to how much money he earns.Every month Pat publishes a breakdown of his affiliate (and related) earnings, along with
This is a rather belated post, but back on the 25th April was my 2 year anniversary of being a member here at Wealthy Affiliate. I can't begin to explain how much I have discovered, learnt and grown during that time.Although I finished both courses of the official training a long time ago (and I've been through it all again since), I remain a member here for a number of reasons.For starters, all of my websites are hosted here on WA's secure and stable servers. Secondly, I have a website that ac
For the past year I've been over here in the Philippines with my wife, because her family and friends live here. In fact, I've spent nearly a total of 2 years here in the past 3. Each time I've been here I've just been visiting on a tourist visa which I keep getting extended. I can't legally work here even if I wanted to, so how do I survive financially living in the Philippines?Through making all my income online.Working online has no physical boundaries. I don't earn any money from this count
On occasion I've seen new members asking the question: Do people make money at Wealthy Affiliate?Or...How do you make money with this program or system?While money can be made directly through Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate, some people actually join with the wrong concept in mind. Maybe they misunderstood a review they read, or enough information wasn't supplied from the source content to clarify what WA is all about, but some members join thinking this place is a money making scheme like r
When we venture out into the online world to do business - such as affiliate marketing - we are often going it alone, travelling solo. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can be a bit lonely at times not having another likeminded person to bounce ideas off or ask a question of.If you ever talk to successful people or read their biographies, almost all of them had at least a few chosen people they would go to for advice, and in the case of many, a whole group of experts who all had someth