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Do any of you use groups on Facebook for product review ideas?It really is an endless source of ideas in these groups. It doesn't matter whether you're in the MMO niche or any other niche, there are groups on just about everything, and groups with 1000s of members.Your reviews could be positive reviews about legitimate products, or they could be reviews exposing scams or programs that just don't live up to their hype. It's all laid out on groups on Facebook.If you write in the make money online
The question: "What is lifestyle freedom?" can mean different things to different people. We all have our own definitions of what freedom means to us, but generally most people would agree that it's something along these lines:Having the freedom to be able to do whatever you want, when you want (within reason, of course).Things that make us feel trapped in our lives include:Being financially tied to a job you hateFeeling stuck in a toxic relationshipHaving no time for funAlways struggling just
Firstly though, why did I myself choose to join Wealthy Affiliate?What was I looking for and hoping to achieve?Why did I choose Wealthy Affiliate over other training platforms?Multiple Income StreamsI'm always looking to build more and more income streams, and affiliate marketing was something I was seriously looking at during that time. I knew it had the scope to create numerous sources of income, even from the one website, so I started searching for ways to get started.After I had pretty much
Can affiliate marketing be a career? Like, a real career?Sure it can, but it's more like having your own business rather than a career and being employed by someone else. Of course, you can always use the skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate to gain employment in a role that requires this skill set. Either that, or you could end up being the affiliate manager for a company that has an affiliate program.As you can see, apart from being equipped with the necessary knowledge to create your v
May 29, 2017
If the goal for running your online business is financial freedom...More time with loved onesNot worrying about how to pay the billsOverseas tripsHaving more fun in life...or any of a multitude of other reasons, then I hope these select few financial freedom pics will help inspire you.I hope you found some inspiration here. If we all strive for financial and lifestyle freedom and keep that in mind as the goal, then we'll always be focused and we'll always be hungry for online business success!
If you have just started on your affiliate marketing journey, or are considering affiliate marketing to make extra income, then you don't have to view it as a fulltime occupation or end goal. Affiliate marketing can be the perfect vehicle for part-time cash, and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to earn extra money on the side through setting up a business online.If some extra money for the kids' education, an annual holiday, to pay the bills, or just to save some money is the goal, then viewin
May 27, 2017
Do you ever feel like you are "doing time" online?By this I mean, do you sometimes feel like a prisoner of the internet, metaphorically chained to your computer desk and just can't seem to escape that rectangle screen in front of you?When we first start our online journey and get full on into the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are naturally full of zest and zeal and passion for what we are learning and accomplishing. That's only natural. It's akin to when you first fall in love and just
In this post "21 Tips for a Successful Business Online!", I'll list 21 handy tips in no particular order. They are something to keep in mind and make for a handy checklist.Practice patience and persistenceFind a mentor (or 2)Mix with other successful people (e.g. WA community)Always be willing to learn new thingsStay positive by thinking positive and taking positive actionKeep an eye on what the competition is doingUpdate and repurpose older contentDon't be afraid to try new thingsTake educated
When we research and start doing affiliate marketing, much of our focus naturally is on making it work for us so we can make money. Of course, that is the end goal and motivation for just about all marketers, but that aim is hardly the secret to affiliate marketing successWhat Is Affiliate Marketing About? Really About?The picture holds the clue.It's about helping people.As Kyle often states in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, our goal is to help people first and foremost and the money w
I actually wish I had a definitive answer as to how to get rich quick and easy, but unfortunately I haven't found it yet.You could win the moneyInherit the moneyGet extremely lucky somehowUnfortunately, titles like I have for my post here and images of people being rained with cash like the one above are all too common when it comes to those online predators whose only goal is to part unsuspecting individuals from their hard-earned cash in a valiant bid to magically get rich quickly in the onli