Last Update: January 19, 2021

Hi WA Community

Please help. I have published about 15 posts but only 2 have been indexed.

My website is doesn't look great. How do I index my content and give my website a theme?

As you open the website there are no pictures even though I have inserted pictures.

Thank you

best wishes


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Christorv Premium Plus
With the answers already provided, I will add that a post and one of my sites took 3-3.5 months to index even after doing everything that has been suggested here, ie indexing requests, etc. So for sure always do your part first, and then wait for indexing- at times they are instant but not always
lesabre Premium
Hi Sheen, unfortunately, it does take a bit longer for your posts to be indexed when you are fairly new. It does get better around the 3-month mark and the more you write articles the higher you will gain Google's trust as an authority site. Your posts will start to get indexed faster.

All the best,
GeoffreyC1 Premium
You have to have patience and keep writing away.
Amykaza79 Premium
You want index or get traffic to your website.
What ur website.
Lebogang22 Premium
Hi Sheen,

1) You have to use the "Request Indexing" feature in Google Search Console. 2) This one has been answered below. I will also add that if you aren't that savvy or artsy like me, you can look for a theme that has a demo that you can import. That way. the website is sort of ready-built and you just plug in your content.

3) Open one of your posts in Wordpress dashboard. At the right you should see "featured image". That will allow you to set the image that will be shown for each post from the home page.