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Last Update: November 29, 2020

Hi WA community

Thank you all for the warm juicy welcome. So far that has been amazing. Apart from the fact that I am so proud to have set up my fledgling website. So super exciting.

So I am really new at all this technology.

I have mainly been a practical person as a Professional Nurse and Mother!

During lockdown I started teaching English online and had to get a bit more updated with technology such as Zoom and Power Point Presentations.

I Love reading and researching and so I have enjoyed making lessons for my clients. Fortunately, I am tutoring medical and business English and also preparing students for the OET and IELTS exams. This is interesting and stimulating.

I realise as I progress through FFU (Financial Freedom Univercity) with Ann Wilson aka The Wealth Chef, that although I now run my own business I am still trading time for money! She suggests affiliate marketing and so here I am!

I am grateful that the lessons in the training are so explanatory. The fact is I am so slow and I get really frustrated that something that Kyle makes look so easy takes me hours! Anyway I will persevere as I am really keen to make this work.

Truly the day I make my first sale the Whole World will hear about it! There will be the loudest shout of joy and excitement all the way from Sunny South Africa.

So I have been using my affiliate link for Ann Wilson at the start of my blogging and website. Mainly because I really trust and believe in the work that The Wealth Chef does. It works and hence my ability to take a sabbatical from the busy community clinic where I was nursing to focus on my children and my dreams!

That's it for now!

My goal for the next week is to finish the 3rd lot of training while I am away on holiday at the beach!


Sheen English

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Sheen! Thanks for sharing!

SheenEnglish Premium
Thanks Jeff for your message!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome, Sheen!

ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Hi Sheen, I enjoyed reading your post. What a bright, busy and knowledgable person you are.

I'll be listening for the shout of joy and excitement.

Go well with the training and success with happen :)

SheenEnglish Premium
Thank you for the lovely message!
Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Sheen this is the kind of sticktoitiveness that will make you great one day. Sounds like you are doing the right thing in creating a solid foundation with WA and Ann Wilson. Looking forward to seeing much more of your progress.

SheenEnglish Premium
Thank you so much Hugh for the amazing encouragement