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January 19, 2021
Hi WA CommunityPlease help. I have published about 15 posts but only 2 have been indexed.My website is doesn't look great. How do I index my content and give my website a theme? As you open the website there are no pictures even though I have inserted pictures.Thank youbest wishesSheen
November 29, 2020
Hi WA communityThank you all for the warm juicy welcome. So far that has been amazing. Apart from the fact that I am so proud to have set up my fledgling website. So super exciting.So I am really new at all this technology. I have mainly been a practical person as a Professional Nurse and Mother! During lockdown I started teaching English online and had to get a bit more updated with technology such as Zoom and Power Point Presentations. I Love reading and researching and so I have enjoye