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November 05, 2017
It's true, misery loves company. Be careful, for the company of misery will pull you down.Proverbs teaches us that corrupt morals will pull down the righteous. The misery that is trying to pull you in will falter you. Shake off the negative and change the scene. Think on the positive. Regardless of the situation at hand, find the blessing and route your focus to the positive. Believe in yourself. You can and you will. Blessings,Shane
November 04, 2017
Just wanted to let ya'll know that I will be out of pocket for the next few days. Today we are having my son's wedding reception. Following that I will be cleaning up and hitting the road to UAB in Birmingham. They are admitting me into the hospital on Sunday to prep me for a surgery Monday. I will try to check in with everyone via phone when I can. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. They are flying in a specialist to perform this procedure. There is internal bleeding a
November 01, 2017
James 1:22 tells that we should be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Let's look at this and take it from a business point of view. It isn't enough to watch the videos, read blogs, and go through the training. We have to be more than hearers of the word. Faith without work is dead. Action has to take place. An action plan is a plan in action. WA has set us up for success; however, we have to be a doer of the steps. I confess, I used to be a huge infomercial junkie. I was that perso
October 31, 2017
Leadership isn't about being in control or some title you wear like a trophy display. It's not about arrogance or rank. True leadership is a humble role that puts others before themselves. A leader is a pioneer. They learn to follow, risk, sweat, and bleed not only for their own cause, but to pave the way for the cause of others. True leaders don't wait until someone comes to them before they begin. They continue to reach out regardless of the response. They take what they have and they
October 30, 2017
Be encouraged by what you have accomplished. Don't be discouraged by what you have yet to do. I remember picking peas as a young boy on the family farm. All I could see was the endless rows of peas. I didn't think we would ever finish and I was certain that "Death by Purple Hulls" would read on my tombstone. I looked up at my grandpa and said, "We will never get these picked!"My grandpa smiled and said, "Son, turn around and face the front of the row and don't turn back around. When you c
October 29, 2017
I want to discuss the term, revelation, and what that means for you and your business. In Proverbs 29:18 we are told that people perish without vision. Now, this particular proverb gets misquoted quite often with several theological interpretations. I want to apply it with one of the interpretations with the term vision being translated revelation. Now, let's apply this to your business. We speak of having visions/goals and a plan to obtain these; However, if you don't have a revelation of w
October 28, 2017
I said it in the title, Glory follows order. That's what I've got for you today. If you want the glory of your business then you have to follow the order to get there. Write it on a sticky note, index card, or whatever you have on hand and make it your mission reminder, "Glory Follows Order". In Proverbs 24:27 we read that we are to do our planning and prepare our fields before building our house. Think about that nugget of wisdom. Again, glory follows order. ~Shane
October 27, 2017
In this thing we call life, we have to learn to build bridges. We build bridges in relationships, education, sports, careers, and even our goals. How does one set goals? When setting goals we first look at where we are and then we note where we want to be. One thing that often discourages people when it comes to achieving their goals is that they don't set realistic goals. For example: If I'm at A and ultimately I want to be at Z then my first goal should be around D. Once D is accomplishe
Because someone needs to hear this, let me say...I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!~Shane
October 23, 2017
Falling is only failure when you refuse to get back up. If you have been feeling like you have failed lately, don't be discouraged. Falling isn't failure. Dust off and get back up. In Proverbs it reads, "The righteous man falls seven times and gets up eight." It's not about the falling, but the rising. Ashes may be all around you, but you were called to soar. To reiterate, falling is only failure when you refuse to get back up so rise above and take flight. You were called to soar.Shane