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August 02, 2015
Hi everyone!Just a little update for all of you following my sons and my race season this year.Well, it is over, we are done and it is by choice.We have been wrecked 5 times so far this year by silly drivers who do not share the same ideas about racing as we do so we are parking what is left of the car till next season.It was fun, and now it is done.Back to work....... :)
July 29, 2015
Hi, everyone!Summer has sure been an interesting time around my house.I am still here and am back to work daily, but I have had some interesting days that have kept me away from the computer and running in auto pilot.\I now have a whole new online network installed into the house and it is working perfect.Just wanted to touch base with my WA network and let everyone know I am still here, even though I am dropping in ranking and have been for the most part, silent.I have went through another auto
Hi, Everyone!I am now moving on to getting some videos created for my wife's new website.These videos will need to have a visual background of anything relaxing. This could be anything from a relaxing screensaver type background to a flowing ocean, etc..... and there will be music and her voice over this.My mission is to find a way to create these videos for her.:)Any help would be greatly appreciated.I need to find sources for the background, the music and how to create the whole thing.If you h
July 14, 2015
.Hi, everyone!Just wanted to share with you how I am using this feature.I am now spreading out comment requests throughout my content and throughout each day. I was concerned about getting too many comments at one time every day and did not want Google to think this was being done by a bot or automatic program, so I now request one at a time every couple of hours. I then approve them as they come in and I am never requesting more than one per post at a time.I know this may be hard for some who d
July 06, 2015
Hi everyone!This is totally unrelated to WA, but some of you have been following our race season this year.Here is a video of the wreck that took us out.Our car is number 39.The wreck is arounf 2:55 on the video>>
July 05, 2015
Hi, everyone!Several people were asking about how to use tags and what they are for in chat the other day and I found a pretty interesting article on it so I thought I would share it with you all. fun and join this site, they are awesome!!Shawn>>
July 04, 2015
Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!
Hi, everyone!I want to welcome all the new members that have joined our awesome network here at WA!Each and every one of you are an important part to this community!First thing on the list today was to get out a tutorial on the new SiteComments feature here at WA: second thing I want to touch on is why I think this feature is important and cutting edge.Google wants to see active websites and what better way to boost your older posts and fea
Hi, everyone!Boy, life sure throws some curve balls sometimes.This is going to be a bit long but hang with me if you would. :)New members are always asking if this works and we stumble in chat pointing them to stories of success here at WA so please feel free to use this blog as an example.Everyone wants me to share a bit of what I have accomplished here in three years plus so here I go.I started here at WA deeply in debt and sick of traveling playing music and I desperately needed a break. My h
June 22, 2015
Hi, everyone!I received a notification from Namecheap this morning that was really interesting and a bit disturbing.It concerns your WHOIS information and everyone should take a look at this regardless of using Namecheap.Here is a link to a website that will explain this in detail: sure to scroll down and read everything :)Have fun today!Shawn>>