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.Tonight is the last night of the season and we are hoping for and going for a feature win.The boys worked on the car all week.It is back together and we is ready, lolWish us luck, update in the morning!Shawn>>Here is the Update.We won one and lost one. Not a bad night at all!Pic is of me on the left and one of my friends on the right.Thanks everyone who has followed this all summer. Now, how soon to the first NFL game? :)
August 21, 2015
Hi, everyone!Hope all is well in your ventures!I am reposting another training for those of you who may have missed this one. It is a simple way to resize your pictures.Have fun with it!Shawn>>, and after you resize them make sure they are SEO friendly!'s Training
Hi, everyone!Another requested repost of a tutorial I have created.Have fun!Shawn>>'s Training
Hi, everyone!Here is another one of the most asked question I get so I am reposting this training on comments. can really be annoying not being able to turn on or shut off your comments so this tutorial will walk you through the process.Enjoy!Shawn>>Shawn's Training
August 16, 2015
Hi, everyone!Today I am sharing a training I created for using multiple blog rolls on your Wordpress blog and how to use the more feature.This was requested by 13 people this last month so I am bringing it forward again.Enjoy!Shawn>>'s Training
August 15, 2015
Hi, everyone!It seems the scammers are at it again. If you have not read this blog yet please do so. are a couple of trainings I created awhile back on this very subject.Namecheap PrivacyGo Daddy PrivacyStay safe out there :)Shawn>>Shawn's Training
Hi everyone and welcome new members!I have had many requests for this training and so I am sharing the link again. Many new members follow me daily so I will be posting the most requested trainings as the requests come in.If I already have one made I will just share the link, like this one! :)
Hi, everyone!Just thought I would drop you a line and share this training with you. If you do not have a user friendly site map on your website, (This is not the same as the regular site map, this one is for visitors to your website, example: you should do this training and get one added. It will help you in ranking.Here is the link:>>
Hi, everyoneI have had a few questions on whether there is a limit to how many tags to use per post and if so why?I did a bit of research on this and I found this discussion in the Wordpress Blog. those of you who may not know what tags are and how to use them I will refer you to my fellow colleague Nathaniell free to discuss this in the comments!Shawn>>Shawn's Training
August 02, 2015
Hi, everyone!Mark sent me an interesting article on the next Google update.A good read for those who are interested., Mark!Shawn>>