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September 09, 2015
Hi, everyone!In about 10 minutes, I am going to take the plunge and upgrade to WIndows 10.I have heard many good things and not too many bad things about this upgrade and after talking to a tech who upgrades computers all day every day I am sold on giving this a try.Cross your fingers and I will give everyone an update on the other side, hopefully from the upgraded computer. LOLShawn>>Update:The installation failed and no matter what I try it continues to fail to upgrade. Worked on it for
September 07, 2015
For those of you who celebrate Labor day today is the day to get the grill out and have fun!!!Happy Labor Day Everyone!Shawn>>
Hi, everyone!Just a quick note to everyone in my network.You have the power here at WA to choose who you follow and what you want to receive in your inboxes.If a member is posting blogs you do not want to receive simply unfollow them by clicking the button on their profile (See arrow below)NOTE* (If you have figured out who this profile above belongs to this post has nothing to do with him, I just needed a profile to use, he is someone I will always follow, lol )Keep in mind if you do this you
September 02, 2015
Hi, everyone!Yes, another training repost per request. This is an inportant one as Google will be not ranking sites that are not mobile friendly so if you are not sure take a look at this and check your site!Have fun!Shawn>>'s Training
September 01, 2015
Hi, everyone!As requested here is a re-post of how to create spaces in Wordpress.Have fun with it!Shawn>>'s Training
August 31, 2015
Hi, everyone!Per request, here is a re-post on how to draw a line in WordPress.Have fun!Shawn>>'s Training
Hi, everyone.I hope you all are in good shape today. I am going to take the rest of the day off and just relax. I just spent the day fixing 404 errors on all my sites. Phew.........Always remember to have some me time because if you do not you will burn out doing this. Get up and take a break!!Shawn>>
August 26, 2015
Hi, everyone!Today I want to talk a bit about the free keyword rank checking tools available on the web for an article I am writing.I spent half my day looking for a good one that was accurate and I was almost ready to give up. I tried at lead 15 tools and they were all bogus. None of the gave accurate ranking info.I finally found an accurate one so this will be the tool I reccomend using. I was checking out these tools, I found this art
Hi, everyone!Today's training re post is how to sign up to be a Namecheap affiliate.I will be creating part two of New Members Tips part two later today :)Have fun!Shawn>> info::Namecheap Affiliate ProgramShawn's Training
August 24, 2015
Hi, everyone!Hope all is going well in your adventures.This is a repost of another of my tutorials that people keep requesting. It will walk you through picking and changing a Wordpress theme.Have fun and enjoy!Shawn>>'s Training