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Hi everyone!I just wanted to share with you that your WA blogs can and do rank and rank quickly on Google.I opened a question by a member this morning and as I do often and took the question to Google for a search on the topic.The following screen shot is the question the member JesseNY posted. I did a search on google for RealtyMX blog and Google returned the following results, (note the arrows below) :)Page one, position 6 and the post is only at the time of this search 20 hours old.Pretty co
January 02, 2016
Hi, everyone!I just wanted to pass on something Jay suggested as homework for all of us at his Friday night live webinar training class.He does a read through of all of the certification training as a refresher every year and I agree that this is something we should all do.You may be amazed at how much you forget in a year. :)If you also promote Wa and have taken the boot camp it is also a good idea to read through that training again also.You do not need to do the tasks so much as just refresh
December 31, 2015
To all my fellow WA members!I have truly enjoyed meeting, working and learning with each and every one of you!I and the wife wish you all a safe and prosperous 2016!Shawn & Shelby
December 30, 2015
Hi, everyone!Meet Cookie, our new addition to the family! :)Shawn>>
December 30, 2015
Hi, everyone!Just wanted to drop everyone a quick update on those of you who have taken my Bubblews training and have been wondering what happened to the site.As with all good things, it was time for this site to come to an end.Their reasoning is valid I guess, but it is my personal opinion that the owner just bit off more than he could chew so to speak.Anyway, thanks to all who joined me making money there and off to the next cool thing!You can go to the Bubblews website for the farewell mess
December 21, 2015
December 16, 2015
Wow everyone, thanks so much to all of you who have followed me, you are awesome! :)I just want to share I had over 50 follow requests in the last 4 days and I just want to welcome every single one of you to WA!Love ya all and if you need any help just get hold of my good buddy Labman............... ( Just kidding Craig :) ) Seriously, welcome one and all and I wish each one of you the best in your ventures here!You can start training here and it wi
Hi, everyone!I hope everyone is having a great start to the holiday season and I know this is a very busy day in the cyber world, but this issue needs to be checked if you have not already done so thus I am sending this out.I was troubleshooting a website that was not mobile friendly but was using a mobile friendly plugin to make the site work with mobile devices.That is all well and good BUT, this site was getting huge mobile traffic and a bounce rate of about 95%.I went to the site on my phon
November 24, 2015
Hi, everyone!I wanted to send out a blog to all of you who are not yearly Premium members here at WA and also the ones on free accounts yet.We will be offered an incredible discount from Wealthy Affiliate University on Black Friday to go yearly premium members for $299.00Read about it here: am taking advantage of this discount Friday and I recommend anyone who can afford this deal to do the same.To any of you new members who are on free acc
November 23, 2015
Hi everyone, just wanted to touch base with you all and share a little tip that gets missed in keyword research.A keyword phrase of 3 or more words with low competition is called a long tail keyword phrase and is way easier to rank than ranking just one keyword most times, and it is way more targeted as it is usually requesting specific information.You will get not only the keyword phrase ranking but the possibility of any combination of the words in the phrase to rank also.Why not up the chanc