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Being right is never the most important point in marketing and many other things in life.Being right in having the right of way when walking into an intersection in front of a bus does little to stop the bleeding. :)Treat your customers with respect and make them the ones who are always right because they are the ones that pay you and believe me, they can make you bleed too!By doing this they will trust you and respect you.Oh, I almost forgot, the above applies every day of the year except.....
March 14, 2016
So, I got ya on another blog title :)Titles are so important and using one that grabs a persons attention will open the door to more traffic.I know I browse over boring titles but ones that stand out get my attention every time!Do some experimenting with your titles and you may be surprised at how many more readers you can grab by using what I call LOUD titles.Now, for the real reason of this blog: DrumrollllllllllToday is National Nap Day!!!So............. who an I to argue with that!Night
March 09, 2016
So, today is National Barbie Day. What does this have to do with what we do here?Marketing Barbie was and still is one of the most successful campaigns ever created and it should be noted and referred to for its branding, brand trust and the ability to be a recurring purchase throughout the family cycle.Now, while you chew on that here is some good ol entertainment to help you celebrate this wonderful day! :PBarbie GirlShawn>>
Hi, everyone!Today is National Cream Cheese Brownies Day so I thought I would give all of you that are interested something to do outside of WA so we can all keep our sanity!Here is an awesome recipe for the above, enjoy!Shawn>>
February 02, 2016
Hi, everyone!Hope your day is going well.I just wanted to share with everyone a great article I read on Worpress ownership.It is worth the read. fun!Shawn>>
January 28, 2016
Hi everyone!I keep getting asked if it is OK to use the Fetch as Google feature is GWT for all of your new posts.So far I have found researching this that you are alotted a certian amount of times per website a month you can use this feature and as far as I can find it is fine to use it every day.Anyone who wants to expand on this fire away in the comments.Also, below are some definitions I keep getting asked about.Sorry about the bold, WA is not cooperating today :(Have fun!!Shawn>>Compl
Hi everyone!Just passing on a bit of useless information here, it is National Chocolate Cake day and in keeping with the tradition I wanted to celebrate this holiday for breakfast so I thought I would share a picture of my accomplishments.Now, off to work we go...... :PShawn>> ( burp )
Hey, everyone! I get anywhere from 10 to 20 new followers a day and thanks for that everyone, you all humble me so much. :)That being said I guess I better start sharing a bit more often so here you go.I have been buried in questions on how to use the keyword tool and how to add keywords into your articles and posts.This is how I do my keyword research and it works great for me. I use the free keyword tool here at WA and I usually use only one keyword or keyword phrase per article.I take the k
Hi, everyone!Just wanted to drop everyone in my network a line and remind you that taking a break is good for the soul!Do not forget to take care of yourself!I am in Football mode myself. They are airing the 1st Superbowl tonight on the NFL Network, then playoff games the rest of the weekend!I will be manning my computer all weekend writing content and watching the games so if you need any company I should be in and out of chat all weekend, including today :)I do so love to hang out and be a pe
Oh, hee hee, excuse me very much!It is National Bean Day, so keep a nose out for any unexpected aromas........Have fun!Shawn>>