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April 16, 2017
March 01, 2017
Hi, everyone.Here is an interesting tip you may find useful.It is how to change the date and time on a Wordpress post., on to the more...............Its National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!!!And what better than peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!!!!
February 23, 2017
Hi, everyone.Just wanted to pass on that it is....... (Drum roll please) .............NATIONAL BANANA BREAD DAY!!!!!Shawn>>Oh, forgot the tip of the day.Here is a way to find free pictures on Chrome :)
February 15, 2017
Hi everyone!Today's tip is a good one!I use a free banner and logo website called Cool Text that is awesome! You can make banners for Facebook, your website, G+ pages and other popular social sites and the likes.Here is a link:!Shawn>>
February 14, 2017
Happy Valentines Day!Today's tip is short and sweet!Ever wanted to draw a line in Wordpress!Here is the code to add where you want the line!<HR>Complete training on how to do this can be found here:>>
February 13, 2017
Hey everyone!I am starting a daily blog with a shared tip from the cobwebs of my brain, lolToday's tip is one of my biggest pet peeves of website building, the social button tab!I see this on websites and it drives me batty personally, and I am sure many of the people doing this do not even realize how annoying it can be.I am talking about two things, the floating social bookmarks bar and the bar that is located about half way down the LEFT boarder of a website.The reason the first one bothers
January 18, 2017
Hi everyone!I have successfully switched over two websites so far to the httpss format and in doing so found that the Social Share Toolkit plugin does not like the switch, lol. Had to delete it and find a replacement.I chose the addthis free Wordpress plugin and it is working fine now.You can get it here: a heads up on that!Shawn>>
Hi everyone,Just a few things to note for this SSL change: you may loose pictures, headers, banners, custom changes on your theme and plug ins in this switch so know that going in.Yes, I know it means extra work and maybe even a few minor expenses, but everything good has a price.Good luck!Shawn>>Check the comments below for some great information on how to get this done and if you have any suggestions,please feel free to post them!************ NOTE************There will be another traini
January 09, 2017
Hi everyone!I have used the Cforms plug in for a long time on my website for lead sign ups and I have run into a conflict with this plugin and the new wordpress update.Seems the update conflicts with the old version of the plug in and crashes the website.To correct this deactivate and delete the old plug in and download the new one and activate it. All your previous settings for the old plugin forms will propegate to the new form.Any questions just holler.Here is a link to the new free plugin h
Wishing you the best this holiday!