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As an emergency management professional I am goal oriented, it's what drives me. In my line of work that creates tremendous pressure because our failure is not our own; the safety of others, lives and property are at stake. It is very similar with businesses, if our business fails others suffer as well. For some goals can be scary so it's little wonder why people try to avoid setting gals for themselves. Some may call that laziness, but I wager that at one time they experienced a failure at lea
Where did the time go? 2014 is winding down and many will be taking time to celebrate the season and that is important to our mental health and general well being. Having your attention divided doesn't mean your business has to suffer. Like the time we spend with our family and friends, quality counts over quantity. A short blog, article or product review that is of a good quality is better than filling pages with substandard work. To use a seasonal analogy; our business is like a cornucopia wh
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December 21, 2014
It's the end of the week and it seemed to fly by. I almost can't believe all that I have accomplished with only a short amount of time to devote to the whole process. I identified a market and selected a niche, built a website, secured my own domain, have begun to develop content and have learned and benefitted so much from the people in the community. The process is so interesting and geared towards your success that I can't wait to get into the other courses offered by WA. Make Each Day Count