I cannot get my banners to work, what am I missing?

I cannot get my banners to work, what am I missing?

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I have added my banners in text mode and I can not get them to link to any thing. They go to blank page or page not found. I am missing something but have no idea what. Help

Way above my pay grade at this point. I wished I could help you. Good Luck!

Keep trying. Good luck with them!

I am having the same problem with all of my banners. I don't the answer to this one. Sorry...

Hello, there seems to be a LOT of problems with this, today.

A training page might help. Mickeyb

yes mickeyb123 very dificult to get the link banner in post there is some having problem and its very important to move to the next lesson 5.

Thanks, everyone. I just tried again on a couple of things. No dice and I am out of time. Have to drive 2 hours to get to where I need to be. So will try when I get back. Thanks, again and have a super day! s

Second thought, do you have an ad blocked on? In that case you block your own adds too

You should add the banner images to your wordpress media section first by going to your media library, then "Add New" click on "Select Files" and go to where you have the banner image and save it. Then when you are in your post in the visual part rather than the text part, click your cursor where you want the banner, then click on "Add Media" above the box and select the banner you want and follow the instructions.

Did that Joe. Thanks. s

That's the only way I know how to do it but it works
Can remember how to wrap the text though

I know I've been having trouble with my banner as well, Not sure what's going on. May have to contact support.

You need to paste the HTML code - starts with a herf into a text widged or in your text tab

I did that and still nothing. Thanks, Loes s

I guess you need support

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Can I change a category to a page?

Can I change a category to a page?

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I made my Blog a category by accident and I want to change it to a page. Can I do that and how and is that a good change?

To all who answered me a big THANK YOU! I got it figured out and I am good. YAH s


I will be working on it today. My weekend was taken up with family and just needing some time off. Thanks for asking. s


I did get it figured out and I am going to leave my Blog alone. I want it to be a rolling post page and it is that and it shows on my menu so there ya go. Thank you for your help and support. s


Hey shary did you get it worked out If you are still having questions holler at me.

I will be looking at it today because my weekend was kind of taken up with family stuff. I will let you know what I figure out, thank you for following up. €:) s

I got it figured out and it is just right as it is so not going to mess with it. Thank you for your help and support. s

ok, sorry I am vague. I made my blog a category instead of a page and that is fine except I wanted to re-do my main blog deal and it won't let me edit it because it is a category, not a page. I then made a blog page but then my blogs I already have on there did not move over there. It all stayed in blog category. I am confusing myself now so I am sure you guys are thinking I am losing it. No worries, it works as it is and I am just being fussy so I will keep looking and until I find it, it will be fine. Thank you all for your help, though. s

Any content that goes on either a post or a page can be divided into categories. Your choice as to the platform.

I think.... What you mean is that you need to change the settings in your menu area to show pages instead of categories. Right?

If so, buddy, just go to the menu area and look at the top of the right hand side of your dashboard and click to open it up. There, you will see where you can change your settings.

PM me, Shary, if you are still having problems.

Your question is not clear. You can have either posts or pages.

There are category pages but those are just containers for posts. So say a bit more.

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Is there a way to hook my websites together?

Is there a way to hook my websites together?

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I would like for people to be able to visit my other website from my first one.

Thank you very much for the help. I tried to do that once but it did not work but I have read a little more now and will try again.

Put in a link to the first one - same way you put in a link to direct people to the WA site to sign-up.

Embed links creating mutual connectivity in each

You can put a link of your second website in your first website.

Why can I not reach my website from my profile page?

Why can I not reach my website from my profile page?

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When you go to my profile and under websites created, it goes to Frontier and not my website.

Glad it appears resolved for you now. I have frequently made format errors or neglected some IT principle that has made a difference.

You left off the .com portion of the address. With that added, the link works.

Thank you but it is there everywhere but on my profile page. How do I get there? I tried to put it on under manage sites but it did not stay.

Sorry, I'm not sure -- You may need to delete the old listing and enter it as a new one.

NO, I just needed to drop down far enough to see the save box. Long day. Thanks again.

Great -- I'm glad you got it sorted out.

Sorry, I put the no in capital letters, I was not yelling at you. My finger his the cAP lock all the time, just did, and sometimes I get to going to fast and forget to go back and change it.

Not a problem. :=)

Hey there. Are you attempting to go through the Site Rubix link in the left margin? If so, what happens when you click the button?

No I have my own domain. And it takes me to Frontier and not my website.

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How do I get rid of the first theme I installed?

How do I get rid of the first theme I installed?

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I have tried changing it, the new one and old one are both there. I have deleted the first one and it is still there.


When in doubt, contact tech support. That's what they're here for:

Thanks once again Eddy, I tried looking it up on WP but never actually thought about just asking tech support on WA.

Yeah that's the benefit of being a premium member.

Thanks to all of you who responded to me. I did all of what you said and the stupid theme is still there behind my new one. I have tried about 6 different themes, deleted that one completely but it is still there. I looked all over WP today and sent in the question and got the responses you all said and still.... it is there.

I'm not sure what you mean by "behind my new one". All of the themes should appear side by side in a grid pattern. Can you post a screenshot of your themes page?

The theme that's positioned in the upper left corner is the theme that's currently active. You can't delete that theme while it's the active theme.

To delete the active theme, you first need to select and activate some other theme on the page. Then you can select and delete the theme that was the active one.

I chose the first one, installed and then found one I liked better so I changed to it. The problem is that you can still see the first one behind the one I have on there. You can see it on the edges. It is not too bad on the one I have now but on some of them it is on there and then the one I just installed is in front of it. I then deleted the first one altogether but it is still there. If you go to my website you can see it on the side. www.northidahoemporium.com The other problem I have is you can not reach my website on my profile, it takes you to or at least me to Frontier, which is crazy.

Sounds like a Job for Superman!!
I'm so new and green couldn't help even if I wanted to..

Email and ask either Kyle or Carson they are both Super!!

You can delete the first theme after you activate the new one. You can't delete an active theme. Bob's instructions will work as soon as your new theme is active.

From your site's Theme page, did you click on "Theme Details" on the theme you wanted to delete? (see #1 below)

In the lower right corner, you need to click on the delete link. (see #2 below)

Click on the theme, there is Theme Details option, then in the right lower corner there is red Delete button.

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