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June 01, 2019
Hello everyone, This is my 3rd month in WA as a premium member and working hard towards making more and more content. I am just getting use to putting adsense to my website and also just finished setting up google analytic, very exiting. Hoping to get traffic in the coming months. It was not easy balancing work and posting content. I had to learn and still am I learning a lot. I want to thank Chris from Benjis dad, for helping me with a lot of questions and also through some though times. I wi
March 16, 2019
I do think that for the most of us here in WA, that have been searching for a way to get out of our daily routine (the matrix) and take control of our lives and buy more time. Time is the most valuable and precious thing I can think of in life. It is not something that will wait or ever come back. We all want to make money to buy time. Time with family, time to do what makes you happy. Not wasting away in some office, seeing your colleges more often than your own family. I hope that all of us
March 13, 2019
hello everyone, I finally completed the second level. It was a bit difficult for me but with the help of the community I was able to power through it complete the training. Thanks to all of you that helped me through this. I am very happy of what I have acomplished and will continue to grow my knowlegde. I hope that all of you are doing great and for the newcomers keep on trucking. I personally watch motovational video's to keep my spirits up. God bless you all. Sharriv
very happy to have acomplished level 1 on to level 2 baby!!!!!
March 04, 2019
i am very happy to start my journey and hopefully make some money down the road. cheers