5 Email Marketing Tips For The Content Marketers

Last Update: May 16, 2019

Contentcreation is a dominant force in digital marketing and one of the bestways to grow the audience and nurture fan loyalty. Unfortunately,most marketers see content only as the means to rent advertisingspace and earn money instead of using it as the channel of customerinteraction.

Email marketing is particularly efficient if you want to strengthen relationshipswith your followers and use it as the foundation of long-termloyalty. However, it takes a lot of skills, knowledge, and experienceto make the most of your email campaigns, so you better prepare forit and learn state of the art practices in this field.

Ourgoal is to help you with that, so keep reading this article to learnfive email marketing tips that have the power to boost your contentmarketing efforts.

Practical Benefits ofEmail Marketing

Contentcreators often say that email campaigns are outdated and obsolete,but nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing is aliveand kicking, bringing people and organizations a wide range ofpractical benefits:

  • Audience targeting: Email marketing platforms process massive volumes of data in real-time, which gives them the opportunity to precisely target the audience. You can use it to personalize messages and create content tailored for each user individually.
  • Raising awareness: Campaigns delivered via email guarantee to raise awareness as more than half of the global population uses email on a daily basis. Besides that, email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media than leads who come through another channel, so you can even get the additional promotion.
  • Cost efficiency: While you do need to pay a more or less symbolic amount of money to use email automation tools, it is negligible compared to the results that this marketing channel usually delivers. Some studies even claim that email marketers earn $44 for every dollar invested.
  • Professional credibility: Jake Gardner, a content creator at essay services , best essay writing service , believes that marketers who create outstanding email content evoke subscribers’ curiosity and gradually turn into industry thought leaders: “It can boost your professional authority and make you a popular niche figure very quickly.”
  • Relevant metrics: Marketing platforms give you the possibility to analyze and measure activities, so you can keep improving email campaigns.
  • Relationship building: The last benefit is what we want to discuss here. Emails can help content creators to maximize the effectiveness of their content strategies and we will show you how in the next chapter.

Strengthen ContentStrategy Using 5 Email Marketing Tricks

Theintroduction is over and now we can turn to the fundamental aspect ofour topic. Let’s check out the five most effective email marketingtips for content marketers.

  1. Design a great email template

Beforeyou start focusing on content creation, you need to design a standoutemail template that is both practical and eye-pleasing.

Firstly,an email template is supposed to be user-friendly and ensure flawlesssubscriber experience. A contrast between colors should hide lessrelevant components and highlight important features. The mostimportant elements deserve more space and should take the majority ofyour message or newsletter.

Secondly,a template must be beautiful and compelling. Follow brandingguidelines so as to match the visual style of your company, but don’tadd too many details because it could suffocate the main message ofyour email.

Youshould also pay attention to the following design features:

  • Navigation bar: Give users the possibility to filter through the content easily and find all they need in only a click or two.
  • Whitespace: A well-placed whitespace is something that makes email messages more transparent and highly readable.
  • Width: Email templates should be neither too narrow nor too wide. The goal is to find the right balance and help subscribers to read your content effortlessly. Doing so, you get to improve customer experience and increase time spent on page.
  1. Audience segmentation

Areport shows that marketers who use segmented campaigns note as muchas a760% increase in revenue.It’s a staggering figure, but what exactly is audience segmentationin email marketing?

Toput it simply, email list segmentation is the process in which youdivide subscribers into different groups based on specific inputs andpersonal peculiarities. The purpose of segmentation is to eliminategeneric content and customize copies so as to match the needs andexpectations of each subscriber group separately.

Thereis no secret formula to tell you how to segment the audienceproperly. Instead, you need to analyze audience behavior and usethose insights to form meaningful recipient units.

Oneway to do it is by identifying the position of your prospects withinthe sales funnel. For instance, first-time receivers need moregeneral content that explains basic concepts. On the other hand,users who are nearing the end of the funnel require highly specificcopies with thorough explanations about each product or service.

Ofcourse, many other segmentation tactics are available here. Some ofthose include the following features:

  • Demographic traits: Divide subscribers by age, gender, or location.
  • Personal interests: Learn what types of content they love to consumer and give them more of it.
  • Income level: Some users are interested in cheaper products, while others look for exclusive offers. Your content can follow this pattern, too.
  1. Write an amazing copy

Mostmarketers consider this to be a critical segment of email marketing.We won’t say they are wrong since people subscribe to emailnewsletters exactly because they want to read high-quality content.How can you create an amazing copy? It’s a long process withmultiple steps, but the key elements are always the same:

  • Subject lines: A subject line is the first thing a subscriber sees when he receives your message, so you have to make it appealing and attractive. Subject lines with numbers, humor, or emojis tend to perform well and we always recommend them to our readers.
  • Copies: A sole purpose of an email copy is to present a real-world problem and explain how to solve it. This is where you need to display copywriting skills because the text has to be brief and concise while answering the most important questions simultaneously.
  • Calls to action: Of course, you have to tell users what to do after reading your email. Always add only one call to action (CTA) that directly corresponds with the point of your email newsletter.
  • Content structure: Another important thing is to use a relatively simple structure. In our experience, the best solution is to use the standard model with an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion.

Weunderstand that writing an excellent email copy is easier said thandone, so you should consider using some of the editing, proofreading,and copywriting services to make the job faster and easier. There aretons of interesting options to test here, but we recommend you to tryplatforms such as Grammarly, My-Assignment.Help , HemingwayApp, or bestessays.com.au

  1. Play with multimedia content

Thedays when you could win over the audience with plain textual contentare long gone. Today, subscribers demand more amusing content withlots of visuals that make newsletters better and more informative.

Butyou need to be careful with multimedia files because some users won’tbe able to consume it due to technical barriers. For this reason, wesuggest avoiding video formats in emails – a lot of platforms don’tplay it properly and your subscribers will probably abandon themessage immediately.

Whatyou can do, however, is to play with imagery and animations. Almostevery email platform supports features like GIFs, infographics, andimages, so don’t be afraid to use them and make your emailnewsletters versatile and exclusive. Besides that, it could help youto boost brand recognition and make the company more memorable.

  1. Timing and scheduling

Thelast tip on our list is to cleverly choose the timing and create aschedule of activities that can maximize the effect of your emailnewsletters.

Avast majority of email users checks emails first thing in themorning, which means that earlier messages tend to perform betterthan the content sent later throughout the day. However, it alsodepends on the nature and habits of the target audience, so do yourbest to discover their preferences and set the right timingaccordingly.

Atthe same time, you should pay attention to scheduling. Nobody knowshowmanybranded emails per month are optimal, but the average user is alrightwith receiving up to five or six messages monthly.


Emailmarketing is an excellent tactic to nurture relationships andstrengthen customer loyalty, but only if you come up with a properstrategy and use state of the art email mechanisms. From segmentationto copywriting, we discussed five major ways to use email marketingas a content marketer.

Althoughthere are many other interesting tactics to test here, the five tipswe mentioned above prove to be most effective in almost all cases.Give them a try and you will soon start noticing that your emailmarketing results are getting much better.

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