I want to motivate you

Last Update: January 27, 2016

I felt the need to take the time to tell everyone that you are doing a great job. Today I found myself getting frustrated and starting to feel a little discouraged. I had to sit back and encourage myself.

I say this to say don't give up. If you get frustrated with something take a break from it. Maybe go out for a walk, get something to eat or just sit in silence for a few minutes and breath.

When you are getting close to your destiny there are always curve balls through at us to keep us from achieving our goals. Jump that hurdle and move on. Hard work pays off.


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Tw1 Premium
You are so right! Sometimes, sleeping on it is a good idea. Often with the dawning sun I am able to see more clearly! Thanks for the reminder!

ShantaiMonet Premium
Thank you for reading. As "they" say I was in my feelings. So, I had to make sure to speak on it.
Tw1 Premium
Its very good that you can recognize the feelings and know how to deal with it. That puts you way ahead of the game :)