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Louise M. Premium
Hello old chief !

I like what you said on Bob Hugues' buddy talk 'cause I think we all have a certain philosophy that help us keep learning and improving ourselves to reach the life style we want and I like yours.
It's a very valuable thing to be part of a community where people are supportive and willing to share ideas and help each other.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you around soon !

Louise M. Premium
You have a very lovely family by the way ! :)
Louise M. Premium
What a cute dog you have !! :)
shannonno1 Premium
My friend you just don't know how it feels to have a positive message come my way:-) One thing I learned in the navy is if no one else pats you on the back, do it your self and keep working:-) I'm starting to understanding that it's not about getting someone to see what i'm doing but to get them to see the concept of success and how we all are striving for the same thing, just in different ways. I'm going to continue on my quest for riches, but understanding that i'm rich with a family love and understanding. God first, family second and everything else third:-)

ps. I do crack the code of rags to riches you will be the first to know. I have all the peaces together and now after my vacation I will put them to work on google. To your success and your dreams..........cheers up mate...:-)
shannonno1 Premium
He truely is a angel behind that mean face of his:-) i'm just meeting people and haveing a blass on W.A. Thank you so much for the return mail:-) much success to you
Mr. Thomas_ Premium
Hey whats going on man? My name is Thomas and Im new on here and am desperate and hungry to get started. Im kind of stuck on week two of my training of writing an article and was wondering if you could give me any pointers. It sounds like you know what your doing.
shannonno1 Premium
brother I understand were your at man:-) trust me I do. Before I give some good advice understand that everyone on here is trying to do the same thing earn money, so with that in mind, i will tell you that i'm retired, three girls, wife is a doctor and so I have had to throw alot of money away paying on other people's promises. I have had my share of the short end of the stick. Now with that said, I have not followed any plan on W.A because I have already done PPC or google adwords, and email marketing and other social networkiing sites. This is what i'm doing and it came at a hefty price but knowledge is power.
Step one, start a google adwords account. it's free
step two sigin on and join twitter, it's free
step three create a landing page that is going to catch a persons eye, don't worry I am having mine built as we speak
and yes my investment is $500.00 to $600.00 dollars for this landing page, it will take money to make it
but if you follow the steps your money will come to you, believe me on that one.
When My landing page is complete I will delete all the sites on my profile becaause it's all on the landing page.
You must be disipline and not fall into all the things on the net, you must create your own system so all your money comes to you and not other.
step four create a domain name that will match your google adwords headline, for example my landing page domaine name is LearnToEarn4Life.com My google head line starts in the same manner ( Learn To Earn 4 Life)
now your landing page also needs to have a autoresponder which will capture a persons email and name, don't worry, everything I'm telling you the person that is creating my landing page is going to do everything that i'm telling you. Now when you write your adwords ad also include Wealthy Affiliate University in it and also on the landing page. This will put everything in order for google and help put you at the top of there list. Next put your keywords in that will trigger people to your landing page, put atleast one keyword that matches your domain name on the landing page, this will increase your income because the person that typed in learn to earn will land on a landing page that states learn to earn and this is what they are looking for.
Step five project a budget that you can put into your system each month or how much you are willing to spend. Understan that it's like jumping into a lake of water you will have to go down a little before you can swim but the information i'm giving you came over 2 years of spending and losing money buying books and learning.
step six find two, three or four things on the internet that you feel will sell. I have GDI, Twitter, Iphone apps, Strip that fat, and wealthy affiliate's University, these four website will be on my landing page and if you reaed my bio, that will also be on the landing page. i'm not putting a copy of a check because I feel it's has lost its luster, some people will fall into that trap but others know it takes time. I am showing people a system like twitter were they can make money and get traffic for free to their sites. Don't be fooled Google adwords is were you will make the most money.
I also downloaded Wealthy Affiliate strip that fat PDF file and that will be on my landing page but people will get that only after giving me their email address and name, now are you seeing how i'm working the system. I use what wealthy affiliate has given me. That Strip that fat PDF file has some awsome information in it, this can be your ebook that you give them after they give up their informatio. When they open that ebook and see the information in it that alone will cause them to be more interested in what wearlthy affiliate University has to offer and trigger a sale.
In your key word list make sure you put the work of the item your selling, like me, GDi, Strip that fat, iphone apps, twitter are all in my keyword list becasue that's what i'm offering. Once you get their information you will be able to build your list and send them follow up emails automatically with your personal message. This in itself will trigger more sales for you. I Promote Twitter because most people think you have to a sigin on and chat a hole lot of bull. All I do is sigin on and click on follow after I search for a subject that I want to sell, each day I have over 200 follows or more, but remember lot's of people are also trying to sell things to you but as your numbers grow on twitter when people visit your landing page that will be another trigger for them to find out how you got so many people to follow you.
I put a photo gallery not of cars, houses, money but of my family, vacations, my brazilian JuiJitsui trainning partners and facility because I want then to see that I don't work:-) but spend my time enjoying my life and livingn my dream.

another thing I have put on this landing page is instead of how much I make I posted how much I have spent on google adwords and how if you don't learn how to do it right , they will lose money. This alone will cause many to take a second look at what wealthy affiliate University will do for them. If they are usinsg Google adwords on their own i'm sure they are getting the short end of the stick.
Once you have done this and have a landing page post it everywhere you can, craigs list, you tube, mayspace, direct matches, the news paper, make buisness cards. I choose to use google adwords and twitter as my main advertizing methods, other's have proven to take more than do anything else.

Use your mind to create your own way, not something that others are offering. I spent alot of money on a people search engine created by a man called tissa Godavitarne and the guy held over have of what I put in his system. It was created to always make him the onc with the money. I use that anger and lack of knowledge to drive me to develope my own system. I want to show others how to and not how to take.
23 years in the navy taught me how to use my resourses and Wealthy Affiliate has provided the information. I never followed a plan, I just used my own bad exsperiences and determination to rebuild my dream. I know that alot of imformatio at once but feel free to call my cell 850-748-1332 and I can tell you how i'm making on the real$

last thing, the landing page sells the system, anyone that visits will see that it's something that cost money, it's not a cheap page, that to is a great selling point. if you visit www.learntoearn4life.com you will see site under construction, book markit so when it's up you can also see why I paid the amount I did for it.
My goal is to rent a office building put computers in it and get the young black kids how to take a amall amount of their Mc Donalds check and turn into more money without working. I want kids that are in the streets to come in and let me teach them how to grind for real and put the guns down. I will also open a Jui Jitsui gym to give them a way to work the body. Respect is truely earned once another man takes your spirit threw submission, some will humble themselve and learn others will take it and hurt other's, like my step dad tells me, some people are born to go to hell. That's not a bad thing it's just life..................God bless you brother and don't let anyone take your dream, your in school so I know you already have a dream. Never give in. if you call leave a message, I get so many calls any I only answer a few I don't try to sell to other's that's why I'm building my own and letting the internet do the rest but you were honest and ask me so I have givien you the hole box! share it with another that will use it and teach others brother.............................the old chief..................Calm Sea's Ahead Mate...................
babyboomer20 Premium
Hi Jerry, I got a recommendation tonight from R-L-Atch to come and check you out and I am glad that I did. Thank you for sharing your life journey and I commend & congratulate you on your accomplishments. You are a testimony to us all.
God Bless,
shannonno1 Premium
Thank you so much. I'm just one of those men that still can't let go of my childhood. It engages my desire to succeed and overcome. I see you are a people search person, so am I:-) GDI:-) so am I and your a warm spirit I can tell. this internet is truely for the dreamers that are determined to succeed in a big way. Meeting great minds like yours make me stronger in my own goals, and that we truely don't have control it's GOD that is in control. Put him first and eveything else will fall in place. I' m just so thankful that you stopped by to say hello and I want to wish you all the best. I'm sure you will succeed because you already have:-) please don't be a stranger and if I hit the big one, I will tell you every step that I took to get their:-) stay blessed and always look up, even when things are down:-)
malendaz Premium
Thank You
lrh1966 Premium
Hi shannonno, and welcome to WA!!, I am still learning, but will be gradually implementing article marketing, promoting WA in the WA Super Affiliate program since my funds are currently tight for PPC, and don't want to gamble on it yet!!...My name is Lloyd and I would be honored to share ideas with you sometime.
shannonno1 Premium
brother thanks for that wonderful message. I will tell you that I understand about PPC two headed monster. very exspensive but can get the job done if you have the funds to keep the fire burning. I also am short on funds but will be changeing that shortly as I get back to work. I understand ppc pretty well but I have the wrong nitch. Since then I have been using twitter and never looked back because it is free and trememdous traffic can hit your site if you undertand how to use twitter. I used traffic machine. it took about 1 hour to set up and after that everyting is on automatic. I have two W.A. commisions, not much but I spent nothing to get those commisions. To me that's what counts and the follows I have on twitter are growing like crazy. I hope you succeed in whater it is that your trying to do and hit me up anytime......................ps. calm sea's ahead mate........the old chief