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November 07, 2019
Yes!! I'm so excited that I actually completed the first level-- it took me a whole month! But it's a start!! On to the next!
October 06, 2019
First week here at WA and I am loving it!! So much support here and Kyles OEC certification training is so clear and thorough. Since I’m a newbie, I’ll just be posting often so fellow other newbies can stay encouraged as well. Hope all amazing success. Have fun with it!
Hello everyone. I am excited to be here and just following all the prompts I am given to start off on the right foot! Would love to make this my new community instead of wasting time scrolling through Facebook so I can hurry and give my kids and husband the wife and mom they deserve by improving myself. Please get connected with me and share your successes! And struggles! Better yet, success after struggles! My dream that I’m working towards, and what brought me to wealthy affiliate, is t
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