The Law of Attraction is Unstoppable!

Last Update: March 24, 2019

One of the best things about being born and raised in Hawaii are the sunrises and sunsets, no matter what island I was living on at the time. For most of my adult life, I had lived on Oahu in Honolulu. Waikiki didn't hold that much attraction to me because I spent time there as teenager and young adult hanging out with my friends going to the movies or having a late-night bowl of fabulous ramen or udon with teriyaki beef sticks. Attraction ot food was always a focal point in my life from a very early age.

Growing up for ten years on the island of Maui in the small, coastal town of Hana brought different experiences in my impressionable life. I learned more about my Hawaiian heritage, about sustainability living off the land, of learning about various edible fruits, flowers, berries, trees and nuts that could provide life-giving nutrients to the body as well as healing properties to ailments and injuries. These things I learned from my kupuna or elders who were familiar with a much older past way before the Age of Information. It still is an art practiced today amongst Hawaiian healers who believe that life in motion creates homeostasis - a life in balance properly aligned and functioning to serve its purpose.

The Law of Attraction works in a similar fashion: you attract what you focus on. I used this comparison in a recent blog I posted on my website. The topic was on online dating after 50. We not only focus on what we're attracted to but we also reflect that which we want to attract in our lives - the trick is to make sure it is the right kind of attraction and it is in alignment with our plan for success.

Success comes in many different ways and for many of us, having an ongoing stream of residual income is a dream many of us want. One of the ways to do it is through market affliation. Another way is creating a website for monetization and targeting a niche that fulfills a need to a specific audience. But what many of us don't realize is that this isn't just a one-time contribution and then boom - there's your success. It has to be in constant motion in order for the results of hard work and dedication to come to fruition and continue.

If you still struggle with finding your niche, don't know what to write about or how to even get started, create a "Think About It" list and see if you can answer some of these questions to help unleash that creative side of you haven't considered for a long time:

  1. Think about the last time laughed until you cried - what was it about?
  2. Think about the last time you had the best meal of your life - how was it prepared? who made it and why?
  3. Think about a moment in your life where you got so angry you had to take action to make things right again.
  4. Think about the last time you had a dream or goal that you fulfilled - how did it make you feel and what stirred you to complete that dream or goal?
  5. When was the last time you passionately fell in love (it could be with a person, place or thing) - what was it that made it so?

When you can start writing answers down, it can lead to other thoughts about life experiences related to those questions. Example, for question 2 I would answer the last time I had a best meal in my life was when I visited my folks a couple years ago. Upon my arrival, they had my favorite Thai food dishes which they bought across the street from they lived. Something about those salad rolls and peanut sauce just made my mouth water. The pad thai and lemon grass chicken were like comfort food for me since I was raised on rice and noodles in various Asian dishes growing up.

Thinking about food also makes me think about how a healthy lifestyle impacts my way of functioning every day. With certain health issues to contend with, making sure the food I eat is the right kind of food and it is prepared in a way that doesn't make it fatty, too carby and full of sugar. All this can come just by answering a question and linking it to some life experiences. Gradually, more ideas will come into play to help you find your niche and you may soon find yourself with a ton of possible ideas to blog about, to research and to fine-tune.

Creative ideas can spark themes which can help you figure out how to design a post or even a website which in turn can become a business opportunity for yourself which has the potential to result in marketing products or services advertising items attracting an audience to your niche. You see how the law of attraction builds because it is in constant motion as your mind is in constant motion spurred by just a few simple questions to help you think about life experiences.

Puting the law of attraction into your strategy for success can start off in small steps: it can be one goal a day, a week or even a month. Just be sure to evaluate those goals along the way so you have a measuring point as to where you are at and what improvements, if any, can be made. So long as put some kind of plan into action that aligns with how you want to succeed, you will achieve more than you think you can.

The law of attraction is unstoppable because it is in constant motion. If you focus on positive or negative things, it will result in the same. We all have the same opportunities and start at the same beginning here at the WA site. It is how we use your time here and what we do with the tools and resources we have that will determine our outcomes.

After all, a dream is simply a goal with a deadline.

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Savedra2 Premium
I really love this one Shalei:) I too am a firm believer in the law of attraction so this article hit me right away.Thank u for that . I know the LOA is always working, the universe does not know wrong from right it just gives you what you are putting out. I personally need to monitor my thoughts. I know that's what I need to work on.
Shalei67 Premium
Well you are not alone in this! A fave quote of mine from Tony Robbins is "Your decisions, not your conditions, determine your destiny."
Savedra2 Premium
Nice. That made me think right now while having my morning coffee .
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sharon, we can get so much from our journeys through life, so many of those that have traveled the path before us, have so many experiences to share and listening can certainly shine a light for us.

I like your " think about " concept, sometimes looking back from our vantage point can bring clarity and definitely give us some grist for our mills moving forward.

The LOA is a powerful force that can create a natural flow, we focus on things and like the waves that land on the shore, energy just flows with that ebb and flow.
Babou3 Premium
It's so true!
We all start on an equal footing, it's up
to us to learn with the great tools we have and
do great things after.

Have a nice day!
Shalei67 Premium
Thanks for your comments. Have a great, upcoming week!
Sruffey Premium
I followed you because I read your post and it makes sense. Besides I want to travel and maybe soon I will make enough money to visit Hawaii and you can show me the real side of your state. I live in Asheville North Carolina and maybe you can visit my state. Our beautiful mountains are something to behold. I will show you the real side of where I live. Please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.