With a Little bit of Luck!

Last Update: August 11, 2017

I'm not a big fan of luck. Well not when it comes down to business . I believe hard work pays off and anyone just hoping and praying for their stars to align will be sorely disappointed.

That said, you can always be on the look out for a little helping hand or bonus from Lady Luck.

at the beginning of June I received an Email from my contact at one of my affiliate programs offering to give away a free product ($300+ value) to one Blogger who writes a blog about any of their products. Each blog you write gets you one entry.

Now I already had 6 Blogs about their products and another on its way, as these are one of my main affiliate programs. So all I had to do was send the urls to them.

No real effort but probably no real chance and all down to a random chance selection.

Got the Email Yester day to say I had won!

Its a small thing but feels really good, Having use of the product will be great for the business, as first hand experience is always best. and What's more It mean I get to Hoon round LA doing loads of cool stuff! and get tons of great photos for the blog.

Happy Days!

So Remember Hard work is always the key to success, but a little bit of luck can be really helpful every now and then, just don't rely one it!

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MKearns Premium
Nothing like a bonus for your efforts Stephen!
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Stephen

I believe we create our own luck and you just proved it!

Kudos! :)