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Last Update: September 14, 2017

I've been quietly working away on my travel site and finally starting to see very slow signs of improvements, still very little traffic, still hardly anything in the top 10, but improvements. I still think Google has me in sandbox of some descriptions and just isn't letting my loose on the internet primarily because of age, I think Google wants us to fail as a way to weed out the weak? The site is only 9months old (90% site trust)

However my other site, that I have moth balled and done no work on is now ranking very high. Most of my posts on there are top 3 and getting good traffic. I put a post on last week and it shot straight to No1 and has lots of traffic and interaction. This site is just over 12months old and I just can't help but see the potential! My issue is time. I just don't have the time to run two sites and my travel site means so much to me. But Traction is just do hard to achieve. I think If I could lump a load of review posts on my First Site it would achieve a lot but this would mean abandoning my passion and hopes for my Travel site!

For now I plan to plug on with the travel, despite the temptation to revisit the old site, or maybe do the odd sneaky review when I get chance to see if It yields profit!

Really frustrating at the minute, just can't get good rankings on the travel site and this limiting any possible success this site may have.

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ChrisScott Premium
Everything on the internet is a matter of testing!

Test new things, see how that affects your passion site.

Maybe use your other site to advertise your travel site?

Just an idea
sgregcrx Premium
Thanks I constantly try new things different tactics and nothing works, I really have to believe it's down to Google just keeping out the game for now .... the next 3 months the should be the acid test on that.

The two sites are not compatable one is an ultra endurance sport site the other travel they just wouldn't work in that way

Tbh I'm most happy the first site shows everything works and I just need to be patient ...hopefully