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September 14, 2017
I've been quietly working away on my travel site and finally starting to see very slow signs of improvements, still very little traffic, still hardly anything in the top 10, but improvements. I still think Google has me in sandbox of some descriptions and just isn't letting my loose on the internet primarily because of age, I think Google wants us to fail as a way to weed out the weak? The site is only 9months old (90% site trust)However my other site, that I have moth balled and done no work o
August 11, 2017
I'm not a big fan of luck. Well not when it comes down to business . I believe hard work pays off and anyone just hoping and praying for their stars to align will be sorely disappointed.That said, you can always be on the look out for a little helping hand or bonus from Lady the beginning of June I received an Email from my contact at one of my affiliate programs offering to give away a free product ($300+ value) to one Blogger who writes a blog about any of their products. Each blog yo
I'm about to get my 1 year badge here and thought that's the perfect time to write a progress report. It might not be the most inspiring though things are VERY tough atm. Its quite long too, sorry.The first few months were very shaky, minimal progress and really not committed. Eventually I started work in earnest on my first website. But the work was incredibly technical and the niche VERY small and the competition while light was very high quality. I couldn't see a future in this niche.So come
May 25, 2017
Finally made my first sale!I think its quite a common theme, as it came totally unexpectedly. I have been very side-tracked at present. Work is very busy and I'm training hard for an Ironman triathlon and as such this leaves very little time for blog writing. So my site has been neglected. rankings dropped and traffic dried up. Then I noticed in the last couple of weeks traffic was returning, not a lot but all on key posts.So when I checked one of my affiliate accounts, I was shocked to see the
Finally got around to finishing the certification course. Its took me a while as I have been concentrating on content.I have fallen out of love with my original Niche idea as it really was too difficult for too little reward. There is only a finite amount of people interesting in my Niche and I just couldn't see the work paying off. I was lucky to find keywords even short tail with 20-30 searches a month!My New Niche has much bigger potential. But much more competition. However I am finding gre
November 28, 2016
Well after a just over a month of having my Site indexed I have finally made my first income. Its not a lot, but from small acorns mighty oaks can grow. and its got a lot of growing to do!Its actually the smallest amount I could imagine, a mere £0.01 A single PennyEnough for one penny chew. At the cost of nearly $500 and hours of my time. A long way to go to early retirement I know, but thought I would report my first Income, no matter how small
Well I am planning on sticking around for a bit so obviously I was going to take up the Black Friday Offer! I have been keeping track of my Profit vs loss and as such this makes it very easy.There will be no more out goings until next year, and by then It will have paid for itself or I won't renew.So I'm in this for 12 months and I aim to have many many posts published by then so If that's not generating traffic Nothing will. I'm already planning my 2nd Niche website targeting a bit more profit
November 17, 2016
I really did pick a hard niche! There is so much work, as in content, I need to do to get my site to even a place where I am happy with it as a starting point. I'm well over 20 pages (around a months worth) and still not really at a stage where its valuable. Good job I'm not getting any organic traffic really yet. But I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Starting to see the concept realised. To begin with I was really worried my niche was too small to make good money but now I can se
I posted my first two really targeted keyword posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. My site was only indexed by Google on Wednesday. after that I have been concentrating on affiliate programs and building out my site layout. im only on level 3 atm and my site is obviously sparse. However a quick Google today showed one of my keywords ranking on page 4 and the other ranking page 2!!!! and a supplementary higher comp keyword from that page showing page 3! I've got so much further to go but already gett
October 25, 2016
I'm now at the end of level 2. And I must say I am getting happy with my website. I'm still not sure I can generate high levels of traffic. But that remains to be seen. I just worry my niche may be too narrow. I know people say it can't be too narrow but I'm sure that's not true.My site is a guide to completing your first Ironman triathlon. But I intend to expand that to become more encompassing of all Ironman and Triathlon in general. But that's a longer term goal. My