My First Sale!

Last Update: May 25, 2017

Finally made my first sale!

I think its quite a common theme, as it came totally unexpectedly. I have been very side-tracked at present. Work is very busy and I'm training hard for an Ironman triathlon and as such this leaves very little time for blog writing. So my site has been neglected. rankings dropped and traffic dried up.

Then I noticed in the last couple of weeks traffic was returning, not a lot but all on key posts.

So when I checked one of my affiliate accounts, I was shocked to see the balance at £23.66 from a sale of £394.96!

Two city passes, exactly the product I was promoting.

My first real success from the 6month old site. Its a small win, but a win is a win!

Maybe its a one off maybe a fluke, maybe the start of something amazing.

Whatever It's given me new impetus to get F*&$ing writing!

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Kyle Premium
Pure awesome, nice work Stephen!
Tw1 Premium
It seems that what you have there is "proof of concept!"
Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Don't quit!