My 2 month Progress

Last Update: October 25, 2016

I'm now at the end of level 2. And I must say I am getting happy with my website. I'm still not sure I can generate high levels of traffic. But that remains to be seen. I just worry my niche may be too narrow. I know people say it can't be too narrow but I'm sure that's not true.

My site is a guide to completing your first Ironman triathlon. But I intend to expand that to become more encompassing of all Ironman and Triathlon in general. But that's a longer term goal. My initial Aim is to guide you through the first as its mine field in trying to understand all the kit training and nuances or Ironman racing.

I still have a lot of work padding out the website before I monetise it. its really not ready for public viewing but I will keep plugging away. Its still not Google indexed so that may be a blessing.

The big win for me is just seeing the way forward. I understand my vision and just hope I can do it justice. My main goal is to build a site that truly helps people, and then earn money off it. If it were just a website designed entirely to make money I would feel a bit of a Fraud.

I started WA as a huge Sceptic, and I think I am partially converted. I can see how with the right Niche there is money to be made. Its clearly not a scam, just paid for training. But I am impressed with the cleverness of the system. its really designed to suck you in and advertise the program for it self.

I'm still sceptical about certain aspects but that may be gaps in my knowledge about future scaling. It seems to be targeting "scraps" of the internet. The program calls it low hanging fruit. but I see it as stealing scraps off the bigger boys with clever keyword targeting. I get that to begin with, to make a splash but struggling to see the business grow beyond that. how we start earning a seat at the table. but as a level 2 maybe I'm just not in on the big picture.

In 3 months I want the site finished. with a large amount of helpful content. so I can start the monetizing of it, I hope to have lot of traffic by then.

In 6 months well I hope to be earning enough to be not paying anymore. In fact if after 12 months I'm not breaking even I will end the project. I think that's a very honest go at it. if its not working in 12 months then either the program is no good or I am no good. Whichever no point flogging a dead horse.

For now and until Christmas I will continue to plug away at the content. while looking at the monetization level3 training.

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DavePage Premium
In theory, you should never have a site finished. If it's finished, you have nothing else left to do to it.

Ideally, you'll have half a dozen or so pages, and hundreds of posts as time passes. Personally, I have about 40 posts but some people here are into the hundreds.

Just keep posting and trust WA, it works every time
sgregcrx Premium
Yep When I said finished I meant the Pages, the basic skeleton, which in my case won't be that basic. and then work on the posts continually. it will never be "finished" as My vision will need constant updates to the pages (yearly events that change). but I am not happy with the basic pages yet. and won't be for a while. its quite a complex topic. I really want people to be able to answer almost any question from the pages layout and the post be more interest and review posts