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April 01, 2022
I recently noticed that My Website had just clocked over $1,000,000 in sales so thought that a good time to Blog about it. I need to be clear that this is not Profit, nor Income, but just Sales. I have not made a Million Dollars, but my site HAS generated $1,000,000 in sales for my Affiliate Partners! Naturally, my commission is just a small percentage of that figure, but any percentage of million dollars is nice right! It is a lot more actually this is just for one Affiliate Partner, I have no
Hi Guys,Google Sucks!Around November 8th Google did an unannounced change to their Core Algorythm. They have since sort of conformed this with a few Vauge tweets and a few comments in online webhangouts, but have not confirmed anything properly of annouced it as a major update. The tools in place to monitor these sort of things have not picked any big changes in Serp volitility and the internet sems to be normal. However there has been a HUGE outcry from small to medium webmeasters of traffic b
Yep you read that right, There is no Click Bait here! Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I was able to get my hands on my ultimate dream car. Paid for entirely by the profits from my Niche Website. It's a REAL Lamborghini too not a model or anything...Not Just any Lamborghini either, a 612BHP Lamborghini Huracan. And yes that is the ACTUAL car in the picture above.Awseome right!I guess you are all thinking, "so how did you do it?"Let me explain.First up, an apology, I said this wasn't click bait, and
With the first people Announcing that they have already made the Las Vegas Conference in 2020 I thought I would update you all on how my Blog is going.We are Officially heading to VEGAS!Now, I don't really think of myself as "known" on here, as I am not overly active but what I am known for is making a success of WA Without promoting WA itself. I run a "proper" Niche site. and have been making good if not lifechanging money out of it, enough at least to pay for our Travels.So some of you might
First off this isn't Spam...I am not trying to sell you a bed, nor am I asking for Bed Advice here as that would be a bit inappropriate. Kyle's recent post about Reviews reminded me of this recent experience I had and how it really shon a light onto the Dark Side of the Affiliate Marketing World. So thought I would share it with you allBed Buying Journey.We have just gone through the process off purchasing a new bed, and this was an incredibly eye-opening experience. We wanted that Hotel Bed Fe
February 19, 2019
During the Training, we are constantly told one of the most important aspects to building a successful Niche site is to build Authority within the Niche. Sounds great but it's hard to visualize what this means sometimes!We are also told to ignore back links, and trust that with time and authority we will build a reliable network of organic back links by building authority and trust. This is what google wants. The whole concept of back links was if people shared your site it must be useful.This
November 20, 2018
Two years ago, I was "playing" around with WA. trying to decide if it was right for me?Then the Black Friday $299 deal came up and I took the plunge, I did exactly what Kyle said to do, commit to a year, and eaxactly what he said not too, put a time limit on my business. I said If I don't make $299 in my first year I will quit.I thought it was a modest target and one I really should hit no problem. I didn't and one year ago I posted this:
April 06, 2018
Yep Ive actually started making money. Not just sales, not just income, but actual Profit!After a flurry of sales the last few days I have finally turned the Bottom value in my income/outcome spreadsheet GREEN!I often read most people who attempt WA or similar schemes fail. Most people end up never making any money or at least not making any profit, which is infact the same as losing money.The income - outgoings cell on my spreadsheet now shows a positive value of around $60It's not a lot. It's
Ok So I have been here a bit longer than 12 months and my URL was first registered around 15 months ago. But March is the month mark from where I completed training as started putting post on the page in Ernest and where I started my "targets" spreadsheet.So today I had to update my progress website to see where I am and how I am standing up to my targets. So figured this is a good time for an update Blog. As far as traffic goals go I am a million miles away from they projected targets. accordi
November 29, 2017
My current project has a great deal of passion tied up in it and as such I am determined to make it succeed, however I have always worried just how much income was possible.I've messed with spreadsheets and calculations to the point of distraction and the figures were only ever good full time income at the most.However last night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and in a half asleep half awake semi dream state, it all came to me how I can turn the idea from a small scale into a full scal