Happy 4th July - $500 in 7 days!

Last Update: July 06, 2018

Sorry I am a day late but had to wait for the results ot come in lol

As a Brit I shouldn't really celebrate the 4th July but hey this year was a fantastic one for me!

in May I broke a big milestone and had my first $500 Month.

I made the same amount, $500, in the last 7 days only!!

I wish this was simple growth but the reality is it was down to a pretty specific reason. After my $500 month I must have hit a threshold with one of my affiliate partners and they started to notice me. As such I was given a whole set of discount codes for their 4th July Sale.

I promoted the hell out of them and revenue streamed in.

June had already smashed Mays revune by over 50% and I have a huge headstart on making July my best month and maybe just maybe breaking $1000

Traffic is up, Affiliate clicks are up and every metric I have in on the up. So I am still seeing fantastic growth and it just keeps going.

I am looking at hiring my first writer in the next month, Expansion of my site is jsut not possible with the limited time i have and content creation is stalling a little. I need to ramp this up hugely and I guess paying for it is the only way. Now I have good renvenue coming in this isn't a huge problem.

I have also finally bit the bullet and bought a Premium theme. This has already had a positive effect on my site as bounce rate has dropped due to a few extra navigation features included in the premium theme!

It's all pretty exciting and I am a step closer to my Success.

Most people like to hear my Niche is a Travel site not a WA promotion site. So this should help show it is definately possible to make moeny in Niche sites. The competition is pretty fierce in my sector so It is great to be making headway.

I average 50-90 clicks a day so still very small amounts of traffic converting nicely into revenue. I still can't imagine what will happen if I get 100,s or 1000,s of clicks a day.

I am doing nothing different to what is taught here at WA and

As always the best advice I can give Content Content Content. washed down with a huge glass of patence.

Write good content, publish and repeat and trust with time it will start ranking. Google will make you wait. It is their way of weeding out the quitters. DON'T quit and eventaully google will love you more and more. It took over a year before seeig any meaninful traffic and small maount of revenue and its been over 18 months to reach this stage!

Good luck everyone.

P.S. Its coming home!

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mbouteiller Premium
Hey Stephen,

Yeaaaa, congratulations!! $500 in 7 days is excellent!

Hard work, consistency, writing quality content, repeat... repeat... follow the training here is exactly what we need to do.

Keep up with the good work,
BrendaW1 Premium
It's great to hear of a success story, congratulations!
DavidFrady Premium
Great job! Keep up the great work! Have a great day. Take care
MikaelM Premium
Great progress - well done
MKearns Premium
What a reason to celebrate!