First $1000 Month - Growth Continuing Nicely!

Last Update: July 31, 2018

I am Very happy to say I chalked off another milestone!

For the First time I made over $1000 this month from My website.

Again Every Metric I have has grown. More more Traffic, More Affiliate Click throughs more sales and more Income.

It is slow and steady growth but everyhting is still heading in the right direction. UP

  • Only in February this Year did I make over $100 a month
  • In April I saw my first 50+ Visitors a day!
  • May was my first $500+ Month
  • The end of June saw my First 100 Visitors a day.
  • And now come July I have topped $1000 a month.
  • August...who knows?

I still have a long long way to go My income needs to increase atleast 5x before I am able to consider realising my dreams of relocating to Maui but it shows I am doing the right things!

And what are those things?

They are the exact things taught here a WA. Build out quality content regularly.

I am building a Niche Website and not Promoting WA as of yet. It is a Travel Blog and I am really scratching the surface in terms of revenue. I am probably maxing out some Streams but there are alot more streams I can tap.

The site is now 18 months old in the eyes of Google. I average arounf 90 visitors a day, which is still really low but the conversion is really good. Mainly as the traffic hits my Review pages mainly. I have approx 146 Pages and Posts averaging well over 3000 words each. So it is alot of content.

June saw me targetting YouTube but that seems to ahve stalled this month and I need to jumpstart that again.

I also took a HUGE step in July and Hired a Writer to help me target a New City. This worked pretty well and they helprd me get a city to launch in less than a month while I did other things. Previously it would take me over a month and that would be the sole focus. It did cost me $75 an article though! (2000-3000 words) I intend to blog about this abit more, if anyone is interested. I am still working full time so can happily plough the money erant straight back into the business!

August I will be workign again with my writer to get another City to launch. Each city I add increases the options for revenue. I do worry the Current numbers will dry up somewhat. June/July are peak travel months and I worry as we move off peak it will drop off suddenly, but that's the nature of the beast.

Hopfuly Traffic continues to climb and I can soon start seeing mutiple hundreds a day. I have a lot of posts that don't rank well and if this were to change the traffic potential with 145 posts is pretty huge!

Anyway very happy to announce the latest milestone. Fingers crossed all Metrics continue to Rise!


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BrendaW1 Premium
Congratulations, it is very motivating to hear of your success! Keep on going forward!!
sgregcrx Premium
Glad to hear my success is motivating
Dhind1 Premium
Well done Steve, and good positive story. I am really glad it is working out for you. $75 an article does sound expensive, but if it worked, then it also sounds worth it.

sgregcrx Premium
Hi Alex,

Yeah, no doubt I could have got a cheaper writer, but I got a professional writer with a journalism Degree with extensive knowledge of subject matter.

I think the articles are pretty cheap and if they pull in $$$ then it's money well spent. I am lucky that it is a case of re-investing not spending my own money!
firstlearn Premium
Congratulations. I hope it keeps growing for you.

sgregcrx Premium
Hi, I hope so too lol


Sorayacge Premium
Well done, congratulations and it's great to read about your progress like this! Thanks! :)
sgregcrx Premium

I remember what these sort of posts meant to me when I was starting out!
davehayes Premium
Very Impressive blog post and further proof the training here works when applied, nice one steve
sgregcrx Premium
Yep, Follow the training and it definitely works you just need the patience!