Finished Level 5 certification course

Last Update: January 09, 2017

Finally got around to finishing the certification course. Its took me a while as I have been concentrating on content.

I have fallen out of love with my original Niche idea as it really was too difficult for too little reward. There is only a finite amount of people interesting in my Niche and I just couldn't see the work paying off. I was lucky to find keywords even short tail with 20-30 searches a month!

My New Niche has much bigger potential. But much more competition. However I am finding great long tail keywords that have hundred of searches with really low competition. I even found a few with over 100 src and 0 qsr!!!

Its also a dream Niche for me as it combines two passions of mine. If it pays off it also will see me fulfilling a real lifetime dream.

So I will bang on with the content.

Feel a little Sad there is no more training :(

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HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Stephen, the official training for you is over, but with the knowledge in this community I think there will always be informal training that will enhance you journey here.
sgregcrx Premium
Thats the thing. It didn't really work on my first attempt but that could have been down to the really low traffic keywords I was targeting. I was getting some posts ranked on page one and got small amounts of traffic from that. But not enough to convert.

The complxity of the niche was also causing problems.... Reviews were taking weeks all for 50-60 searches a month. This meant updates were infrequent. And comments hard to get. So I lost interest after 2 months and started my new project.

That site is now over 3 months old and is starting getting alot better rankings as kyle said in the training and thats with me doing next to no work on it for a month.

My current project is less than a month old but im far more hopful of about it. Do I think the training would have paid off if id kept at that site... Yes I think so. Just not sure it would have been worth the effort.

Really positive about my latest project though!
shashe Premium
Hi, Stephen. You did not say if you feel it works or not. It does sound like you think the training is worthwhile. Sounds positive to me. Good luck. s
Toshmack Premium
Create your own! :)