Black Friday Yearly - obviously.

Last Update: November 25, 2016

Well I am planning on sticking around for a bit so obviously I was going to take up the Black Friday Offer! I have been keeping track of my Profit vs loss and as such this makes it very easy.

There will be no more out goings until next year, and by then It will have paid for itself or I won't renew.

So I'm in this for 12 months and I aim to have many many posts published by then so If that's not generating traffic Nothing will. I'm already planning my 2nd Niche website targeting a bit more profitable industry (but with tougher competitors) and more enjoyable writing and I'm planning my 3rd (WA Affiliate) for when/if I make a success of the others.

So looking forward to running my own black Friday next year, I didn't think my 3-5 organic clicks a day was really worth targeting lol

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AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome goal planing
TheBuilder Premium
Fantastic my dear new friend.
My best wishes to you dear.
GayleneNepia Premium
Excellent Stephen! Hope you have a successful 2017 year.
Kyle Premium
You have definitely made the logic decision here. Not only are you getting access to the most advanced platform in the industry, you are going to be working within a community that cares, that is chocked full of experts, and that is willing to lend at hand at every turn!

I really do look forward to working with you in the year ahead Stephen!
HarveyBrown Premium
I agree with you that the Black Friday deal is a great return on investment, but what I am finding is that there is a little bit more than just content that will achieve a monetary return. You can have all the content but with no traffic, there will be no retention or purchases. So the key is to have more content that when the traffic does arrive it will stay on your site longer increasing your ranking and if the content is compelling the visitors may click on an affiliate banner and purchase. The length of time for that will definitely vary. To acheive a comfortable income may take more than one year.
sgregcrx Premium
Of course, Rome wasn't built in a day. I don't expect to have a full time income by this time next year, but would like to have traffic and see a way forward to that by then

I am finding that what very little traffic I do attract does stick around and click a few pages. Very low Bounce Rate. Which is encouraging. I am trying to definitely build worthwhile and useful websites that answer a lot of questions I have had in the past. This is my priority and Money is Second. I hope this approach comes across to my customers and this builds trust.

Unfortunately though I am not willing to pay any more to this venture (well maybe one more domain) So unless I have made $299 by next year I won't renew. That's the only limit I'm putting on it. I think that's fair