Questions by Sfortson 11

Hosting review template in sitecontent?
Does anyone know about the hosting review template in sitecontent? It…
3 months ago 14 Replies
Sharing my membership with another person?
I have seen several people share their membership with their spouse, I…
10 months ago 16 Replies
How much should I charge for writing a 500 word blog?
I got an offer from a lady that read one of my articles on my site. She…
11 months ago 13 Replies
Is there an easy way around robots.txt?
Hi everyone,So my issue is this, my posts are being indexed with no problem,…
1 year ago 10 Replies
Indexed articles in google not showing?
Why would my indexed articles not show up on my Google webmasters report?…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Everyone's thoughts on welcome emails to subscribers?
I have a question about sending out welcome emails to new subscribers,…
1 year ago 6 Replies
I have updated to pro with my seo what plug-ins do I really need?
Will I still need the Google site maps, add to any, ad.txt? Theven could…
1 year ago 2 Replies
Do I need all the plugins?
So my question is this...With my SEOhaving the social meta, and blog importorters,…
1 year ago 4 Replies
Trouble with paypal not linking to affiliate programs?
I have had issues with signing my PayPal account with affiliate programs…
1 year ago 7 Replies
How can I change the font on my theme?
Hey Everyone, I am using the twenty seventeen theme and was wondering…
1 year ago 4 Replies
How to properly connect social media links?
I am trying to connect my social media links and keep using the wrong…
1 year ago 3 Replies