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Joined 1-14-11 at a point when I thought affiliate marketing wasn't going to work for me. Tried a number of other coaching sites (Chris Farrell Membership, SiteSell's SBI, Info Product Killer, and IMA's Commission Blueprint) but just didn't feel comfortable with this whole idea. I had some familiarity with WA in some of my other searches, and knew about some other WA members such as Jennifer Ledbetter aka PotPieGirl, Dave Bocock, and Travis Sago, and in some kind of desperation turned here, as it somehow looked sort of comforting, and you bet it is. Just about every other coaching resource out there has only one technique to teach you, and if that doesn't work, you are out your time and money. Here, you have multiple directions you can go. If one avenue doesn't work, then you can go another. I am still pretty much a raw newbie, but I can tell other noobs, if you feel overwhelmed here, it is nothing compared to what you have to deal with without WA. Here, whatever direction you go seems to be productive and you add to your knowlegebase. Good luck to you, and hope I have success shortly. Thanks.
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cashflow+ Premium
Welcome, you are so right without WA I would have been cast at sea like a ship without a rudder. wishing you success here at Wa. Cheers!
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME to the WA community!
Glad to have you here! :)
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Old Mizer Premium
Welcome to WA and the great community that exists here. This is the best place to learn online marketing and all the tools you'll need are here. Being a member you have access to all of them. Along with the best part of this site, ...the Forum. Welcome to the community.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA