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As WordPress defines PLUGIN - "PLUGINS can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine." Experience Speaks True - as my personal experience speaks coming from a software development background. I am happy to share 3 of my WordPress references you can check if you get the chance. >> for a client >> for a client >> my personal project Up and Running Websites with Plugin Keeping those websites always up
The Story Behind I've got a new client referred by my friend who's needing to launch their website quickly, so using what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate - I have used WORDPRESS to deliver. The Requirements The initial requirements are really simple - 5 initial pages to keep the flow going with some special features. Then, here comes the client testing phase - they want the calculator, currency converter and the lead capture form to be available in different pages. Whew! - because I've go
I love to learn - that is basically the reason why I've joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now, I am really thankful for the rewards I'm earning by applying those learning and improving myself as I move along in the online business realm. Plus the WA community is really very inspiring and supportive. FIRST TIP IN EARNING ONLINE I'VE FOCUSED ON: LEARN HOW TO EARN YOUR FIRST $1 With that, below are the 2 income streams that I've used in my website NEGOSYOLINK to win the challenge which I've set for mysel
August 12, 2014
It was 30 July 2013 when my curiosity brought me here in WA. I've seen the link via a blog (Thanks Steve - Ivetriedthat) about earning money online - clueless that it's real! :) First $1 I've taken the FREE training and after 2 days I went premium dated 1 Aug 2013. At first, I just loved to take the trainings. Then, I've read something that the see-to-believe milestone is seeing your account with your first $1. So I accepted the challenge - true, I've reached that and written in my first blog h
Living my Career Online with WA Premium membership is making me FEEL so GOOD since I started!!! Hope this is your experience too! WHY??? 1. WA helps me make websites in seconds which I am offering to help and give value by building socially-responsible solutions like what I did for - and 2. I started to collect my $1 in less than 2 months since I started with WA and I keep on collecting until.... today! 3. I have the potential to m