Empower Network Bullies

Last Update: Sep 6, 2013


Empowered or Weakened?

Everyone loves to feel Empowered by something. If you have ever been to an Anthony Robbins seminar you understand what it means to be Empowered.

Successful coaching professionals truly know how to PUMP you up and get you excited about your future. For this reason, success seminars continue to thrive and yet the number of people who succeed at a high level is few.


That being said, perhaps I was looking for something to "Pump Me Up" when a friend of mine introduced me to Empower Network. She promised me that it was the best thing since slice butter and it would help develop my skills as an internet entrepreneur.

However, what I got was a lot of hype. Once I plugged in to Empower Network, I was inundated with emails, videos and pop ups that urged me to "GET ALL IN" because if I didn't I was cheating myself and I was a "WUSSY".

Guess what? My girlfriend had already invested a good sum of money, was "ALL IN", and yet had NOTHING to show for it.

And she isn't alone.

Feel free to Google Empower Network Reviews and you will see what I mean.


You be the judge.

Do you find the claims they make to be Truth or Propaganda?

Let's see...

CLAIM: 100% Commissions

TRUTH: You receive credit for (every other transaction) but only for the products that you have purchased yourself. Every other sale will benefit your "Upline"(people who referred you).

CLAIM: Get started for only $25 per month!

TRUTH: The $25 per month membership does not allow you any commissions at all. And quite frankly, very little value. In order to begin making commissions you must pay an additional $19.99 per month.

CLAIM: Your very own Blogging Platform

TRUTH: You do not own your own Blogging content nor will you ever own the platform in which it is created. EN owns it and they can take it away from you at any time.


Addicted to Hype?

Most people want to get excited about what they are doing.

It's well understood that the journey and challenges that one faces while on the road to internet marketing success are less than thrilling. I get that.

At the same time, it's important to understand and recognize the difference between real value and HYPE or just plain BS.

Those who are truly having success understand that there are specific strategies that lead to wealth and accomplishment. Among these, education, experience, and stick-to-it-iveness are among the greatest principles.

Stick with What Works

Since joining WA, I have learned and implemented far more in 1 month than I ever learned with my 4 months EN membership.

The training here is valuable and seemingly endless.

There are no adds that are constantly popping up and telling me to "GET ALL IN" a.k.a BUY MORE!!

No more BULLIES and no more BS!

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I'm an X Wussie too and so glad to see the back of all that hype. It's amazing how so many of them have the same "I was homeless story" There are some making an incredible income with it, but I want to hear from those who have joined recently. How are you guys doing? I have been with WA only 3 weeks or so and without shouting from the rooftops I absolutely love it here.

Yep XWussie myself, and i think there are a few X Empower members among us. Maybe we should start an XWussie club.

I agree! Lets get a rally going! Thanks for reading.:-)

That's a great idea Bob, whose going to play the homeless guy come good?

I know where there's an old van.

I'll tell you what then Bob I think we're halfway onto creating something huge here. It's a good thing we don't need a product or maybe we can use a free blogger blog and charge $29.95 per month for it. Surely all the mugs are not all in Empower yet are they?

I got caught by them also. I turned the negative into a positive. By telling myself that you have to have been suckered in by a negative to realise when your in a positive place. 24 hrs here. I knew I had come home. Great point you made.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yes, a poor decision will often times lead to a better one. Too bad it has to work that way though!

So true. After getting into EN, I discovered WA. It was as if someone was watching out for me and said, look how earnest he is; he even joined EN. Let's help him discover WA :).

Note: I had not gone all in, just one crippled "blogging platform" in, thankfully.

Wow, I almost got in myself about two months ago. So glad I did not. Just didn't get a good feeling about it after doing some research. I am happy I am here with WA. Much success to everyone in WA!!! We are champions!!!

Your chances of success are much better here.

Best Regards,

Thank goodness you talked yourself of it! Thank you for reading and yes we are!

I wrote a blog post on it:


Best Regards,

Excellent! Thank you for sharing and I will head that way soon.:-)

Likewise i only found out who and what they are up to after paying the $25- its a pyramid scheme , as there are no tangible products , hence all the "upgrading" ! People should think real hard and clearly when confronted with such hype - if it does'nt feel right. nine out of ten, its often not !..........very glad that i went the WA way !

Absolutely- it's so cliche but if it sounds to good to be true it is! Once I dig into something I am "all in" but that "all in" begins with due diligence and research. Thank goodness we see the light!

A lot more people have been there. This gives us the right reason to get out there and help everyone be on the right track. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to a successful business online! Thanks for sharing, Seraina!

I agree and thank you for reading! We truly help others as we trial and error through this process. That is why it is so important to share and share alike! Thank you!

I'm glad that we have the WA community with this kind of spirit. And of course, our websites can reach out to a lot more people. As you said, it is important that we keep sharing. :)

I've just been reading John's (@maxa) post https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/maxa/blog/is-empower-network-a-scam-the-biggest-scam-in-2013-review where he admits he threw $30,000 away on this worthless pyramid blogging scam. :( Kyle's also blogged about it several times on his example Bootcamp site, http://www.waystoavoidscamsonline.com which fortunately for some often outranks the actual EN website for the search term
> Empower Network < Rich.

That is disgusting, 30k!? Wow, it amazes me that anyone would invest their money into someone else's pipe dream. Dave and Dave should really be ashamed of what they are doing. I believe Kyle is outranking their site because he is not guilty of the "duplication factor" that EN is so infamous for.

I was there for four months, too. Finally got out when I read a WA review. That makes us "Samesies". :). Glad to see you here. You're right about them owning your site, they will not let you delete it. All the best.

No kidding!? Yes, it seems we are on a similar path.;-) Glad I woke up to the baloney before I invested more than the 60 I was paying. Some have not been so fortunate!

Here's my proof of exactly that Rick http://www.empowernetwork.com/mikeant I was with them for a little longer than 4 months shame on me for taking so long to see through the BS. They wont let me take it down as it helps those that are above me and the mugs who I got in and are still with them but earning nothing.

I almost got sucked in by Empower Network. Lucky for me I read a review by Kyle and joined WA instead. I have learned quite a bit since joining in the end of July and do not regret my decision at all.

Thank goodness you found his review! Glad to see you hear and hope to network soon.:-)

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