I Have a Guardian Angel!

Last Update: May 14, 2019

Hola, fellow marketers! I'm just creating a little post in order to give a HUGE thank you to a friend who helped me out a TON. Truly, I have awesome people looking out for me!

I'm back in the game with a new laptop! Hallelujah! Trying to do this with a tablet was an exercise in patience, let me tell you. Try going a whole day doing your website on your phone or tablet. Just wow! Imagine two or so months. I was ready to bang my head against the wall. I wasn't quitting, never that. Just frustrated. It didn't help that it just seemed everything kept going wrong!

I'm Back!

I got my new laptop. That very day, my phone stopped charging. The USB port thingmajig busted. No worries, a phone is a lot more affordable than a laptop in a pinch! So Friday, I'll be phone shopping.

You don't actually realize how freaking dependent on your phone you are until it literally is unavailable. I can't even find anyone with a similar model enough to charge my battery with their phone. Sigh. I use my phone a LOT for emails during work when we're waiting on horses coming into the barn or during break time while the track is smoothing out, whatever. I usually look into my emails and do a LOT of work on my phone DURING work.

That options not available to me for a few more days, so I'm going to be a bit behind. Sigh.

What's even worse is that I absolutely have a driving need to organize all my accounts every time I get a new computer. I like weeding out old bookmarks, and I have needed to go through and create Gmail filters for my business now. I'm receiving quite a few from affiliates and WA of course, and I need a good way to organize that.

If anyone has a favorite email add-on for Gmail they use, let me know.

Kitty Update

I freaking FINALLY have some good news on that front. My girl Daisy has had a mysterious sneeze for coming on a year now, and I finally got that cleared up. The mysterious non-parasite induced diarrhea seems to be clearing up, too. Plus other than a few sniffles left, which I'm hoping clears up, I think the round of antibiotics I did helped a ton!

Now I just need to finish getting rid of the ringworm and keep an eye on the sniffles.

Crossing my fingers that this is the end of it.

Things are Looking Up

Things are finally looking up! In fact, besides a medication problem I'm looking to change, ringworm, and my phone mess, it's been a great week. Still not 100%, but much less frustrating.

I'm going to have to control my OCD a bit though on organizing my email and bookmarks and dealing with my other accounts. But it's habit to clear away the unnecessary garbage.

I still want to say a huge thank you to my Wealthy Affiliate friends who reached out after my last frustrated post, especially the one who saved my business and the one who gave me great cat health advice! Thanks so much!

Kindness really does go a long way! I truly believe that all the people and cats I've helped this past year has really granted me a nice karma balance. I go out of my way to help defenseless animals and friends in need, and when I was down-and-out and having problems, along came someone else with just as big of a heart as me to help ME out.

I've never helped out for any reason other than kindness, and often joke when people ask why I spend money feeding cats that aren't mine, or getting them fixed, etc. I tell them at least it gives me good karma. A lot of people don't understand, so I brush it off with that tease. It brings me joy to help and I can't see suffering and not help, which is my real reason. Perhaps, there's more truth to my joke than even I knew!

So my lesson from this is to be kind! Kindness will come back around when you really, truly need it. Pass it along! Spread kindness. The kinder you are, the more kindness you receive.

I received a gift beyond measure that is allowing me to move forward in my business. Words can't express how appreciative I am and I pray that I can someday return the favor. Some people truly are angels. Thank you!


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Swangirl Premium
Awww, what a nice post! I missed this.

My husband was feeling down lately since we have been struggling lately and so busy and just working and working but not feeling like we are getting ahead. We have multiple jobs just to get by.

He said the only thing we had accomplished was rescuing 4 sweet kitties and giving them a good home. I think it is so sweet that rescuing kitties is what he feels is our biggest accomplishment in 10 years even if he is feeling down.

I agree. People who take care of animals should get a special kind of good karma...so far it has not paid off for us but I am sure it will someday.

I am glad you are back up and running and kitties are getting better!

Selenityjade Premium
Aw! Life can definitely be a struggle. At least the kitties are some comfort to your husband when he's feeling down. I truly believe that giving of yourself pays off in the end, and even if it didn't, you gave those babies a loving home when they didn't have one, despite your struggles.

I pray it gets better for you guys. Multiple jobs just to stay afloat is not a fun way to live.
Swangirl Premium
There are still many things we could cut but it seems crazy that with no new (or even newer) cars, no vacations since we got married etc. that we are struggling. The cost of living here is just really high. Since we both have state jobs we have a lot of money going into retirement (mandatory) so that is where a lot of it goes. It will be worth it in the end.
Selenityjade Premium
Eh. At least that'll be worth it in the end!! Hopefully you can get your site to take off to get some relief.
BobRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!

Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!
MElumir Premium
wow...l tried that working in the cell phone very hard.

spend the time with you laptop. work your daily task to have more traffic.
Selenityjade Premium
Thank you!